Michigan Town Baffled After Young Family Vanishes

Police say evidence suggests the Medsker family may have left on their own.
1:49 | 03/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michigan Town Baffled After Young Family Vanishes
Police in Michigan are trying to track down a missing couple and their infant son they disappeared from their small town. Even their home business and belongings behind ABC's -- -- nine and is here with the very latest good morning to you good morning Josh. It's been three weeks about any word the family is asking for an. Any sign that they Roque. It's a baffling disappearance a small Michigan town a young couple -- never missed a day working at their successful cleaning business. Suddenly. Gone they would never leave their customers this morning police and their families want to know what may have led Timothy and Sabrina Metzger. And their four month old son to vanish without a Trace it -- -- 100%. Out of character and very concerning. The Metzger to a lasting at a birthday party for their -- February -- Eleven days later on February 16 Timothy called his mother nothing seemed out of the ordinary. They even talked about attending a baby shower this weekend there and it could get for the shower. So they -- plan and I'm coming. Despite repeated attempts to track him down since that call no one has heard from them police say it's likely be -- suddenly in the middle of packing. All their personal property computers. Clothing. Food. It looks like. Something -- them policing right now there's no reason to suspect foul play and believe -- left by choice and then Sabrina. We love you wouldn't let us about. All somebody and proprietor you don't just let you can't throw pic of you were worried about you I'm. Their phones keep going to voice -- police searched the home a second time this week into computers and personal papers. But so far no leads.

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{"id":15866914,"title":"Michigan Town Baffled After Young Family Vanishes","duration":"1:49","description":"Police say evidence suggests the Medsker family may have left on their own.","url":"/GMA/video/michigan-town-baffled-young-family-vanishes-15866914","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}