Patricia Heaton on Reuniting with Ray Romano

Star of ABC's "The Middle" chats about her children, acting again with Romano.
3:16 | 10/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Patricia Heaton on Reuniting with Ray Romano
Now and two time Emmy award winning actress Patricia Heaton is actually doing motherhood -- -- hit the continent and at all Michelle picked off its third season went. Some of its best ratings ever and joining us now taught by the secret other sat -- start Patricia heat. -- -- -- you need to I was your summary Hamas everything -- video a lot of time with the boys with buddy that is that what you did on the woman talking to her dog yes it's exactly how I talked to my boys I feel that their backpack widget that -- Look -- the -- the -- deodorant. A loud concert -- -- -- Went to show that doesn't change a bit -- -- it gets worse actually. Yes. So I spent the whole summer doing that with them which is really great and beverage program. That was rewritten Nashville's -- Johnny Cash -- this town went to Nashville a look at college for my son went back to thinking about that big -- -- -- -- -- actually it's really exciting and I I -- it's it's great to go around and yelled his college -- -- -- Never been to before -- -- in Boston a different places so it was really fun and I discovered Montana this summer and I fell in love with Montana big sky -- all that just. And yeah and then we went to Seattle to watch man united play the senators especially exciting. I'm Josh. It was actually really fun and that's and the Sam understands or really super you know supportive and have a marching band and all that -- that was great. And while we were there we also visited world vision which is that great. Nonprofit charity organization -- a headquarters there today you know meet up with that ultimately run out of time need to talk and I know your show is fantastic salvation Eric -- A good things happening this season -- take a -- We need a new roof but we can't pay for a new group -- still make our mortgage. Mess we're above and below water at the same time him. We're ready to -- walking away from our house me key. I don't know what I'm saying I'm just think and -- out. Regulars at the way it works He struggled for years and years and fall behind on your payments until you get evicted by the sheriff who throws -- -- -- out on the -- in front of the neighbors. That's a lever house in America. What's so -- and it does have this show can take what are difficult situations and and find humor right absolutely and among those finding humor this season Ray Romano how is that to cover and how this film -- -- -- with him and you know just certain. -- the whole thing together and get rained on -- and want shouldn't forget his lines and -- -- is your chance we could see him come back I don't think so I think that was a one time thing that we have Molly Shannon coming -- as my sister return really excited about so I get to explore. My -- my family more that we haven't met yet I'm I'm meeting my eight you know Frankie -- as our audience this that's exciting share the biggest similarity between you and Frankie. Probably can't cut it was a favorite Debra -- to without. Yeah well. Life imitates art. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Always great to save face remembering loved being with -- -- anybody checked. Patty Heaton on the Natalie airs Wednesdays. 8:7 central -- be seeing.

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{"id":14760494,"title":"Patricia Heaton on Reuniting with Ray Romano","duration":"3:16","description":"Star of ABC's \"The Middle\" chats about her children, acting again with Romano.","url":"/GMA/video/middle-star-patricia-heaton-season-3s-higher-ratings-14760494","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}