Midwest Tornados Kill at Least 12

Twenty tornados touched down in seven states overnight.
4:03 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for Midwest Tornados Kill at Least 12
-- march is coming in late July and that storm is -- so hard over such a wide area look at these pictures from Harrisburg Illinois. Houses torn right off their foundations. More than twenty tornadoes hit the south and the midwest in the last day in -- is not over. They are about to get hit again the exact same areas. Before the weekend really a ripple effect you wouldn't believe what those hurricane force winds were doing on the Great Lakes massive wind gust producing huge waves in Minnesota. And -- back end of that storm now striking a blow on the northeast right now -- to a foot of snow in New England. Worcester mass right here live pictures and we have team coverage of it all started with Sam Champion. In the hard hit community of Harrisburg Illinois good morning Sam. Good morning Robin at -- you go through this part of Harrisburg this is what you see dislike. Pieces of wallboard shattered -- splintered trees piles of bricks is basically. Just debris everywhere in this part of town that's twenty reported tornadoes in about seven states it was in a crazy. February day and imagine it's 5 o'clock in the morning -- -- storm this powerful is rolling through town. Powerful enough to do all this damage but just before it gets a hospital. That massive storm lifts up into the sky. Here in Harrisburg and -- for this second most powerful tornado we can measure. Touchdown in the midst of Wednesday's deadly midwest tornado outbreak. In seven states and at least a dozen people are dead. A line of severe storms 750. Miles wide moving from Nebraska across Kansas and Missouri. And Illinois Indiana Kentucky and Tennessee. Just before 5 in the morning winds measuring up to a 170 miles an hour ripped through Harrisburg Illinois shredding homes and -- entire buildings off foundations. Carding a seven mile path of destruction up to four. Football fields wide this was a shopping center this morning all that remains is a pile of twisted metal wood and glass. I can't believe the measure damage it did this building I'm just glad that it happened and I don't know him -- was a war. This couple's dog woke them up just as this storm hit he shakes -- you know uncontrollably and I -- have heard the noise. And the door opens and then accepted back closed most of the -- in the backyard. You know -- -- history Simpson's women who. And more panic and hardy bill Kansas -- and Heather -- daughter was trapped after her bedroom ceiling collapsed in the tornadoes there. I was down the basement I'm screening him grabbed her graphic just grabbed her at Porter -- -- we went down the basement and all the water starts right into the floor tally to train. And meanwhile in Branson Missouri and EF two tornado was on the ground for 22 miles slamming the country music Mecca. Destroying this theater and sucking furniture out of their downtown Hilton hotel. Now most of the deaths from that tornado -- break -- right here in this town right here in this neighborhood in Harrisburg. That line of storms dissipated there were three more deaths reported. In Tennessee and our Steve -- Sami is there. And Steve the bad news for this part of the country -- there's another Lotta storms coming exactly in the same pattern. That happened yesterday for Friday exactly the same area Steve. Well Sam we -- Smith hill Tennessee were families here tell us that all of this. Happened in an instant the tornado that tore through here last night. Ripped the roof off of this auto shop at cent pieces others. All across town one woman who was inside her home her home was pushed into a thicket of trees and she was killed. About an -- away another tornado hit another community. Two people were killed and a number of people in that community had to be airlifted to the closest trauma facility which was in Kentucky. This morning -- authorities do tell us that schools are closed and most of the people who they had been searching for through the night are accountable.

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{"id":15823599,"title":"Midwest Tornados Kill at Least 12","duration":"4:03","description":"Twenty tornados touched down in seven states overnight.","url":"/GMA/video/midwest-tornados-kill-12-15823599","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}