Miley Cyrus' Dramatic New Hairstyle

The singer and actress is turning heads with her edgy new look.
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Transcript for Miley Cyrus' Dramatic New Hairstyle
pretty this morning? Miley cyrus. She tweeted to fans she is the prettiest and happiest she's ever felt. Gone is her long locks. And in its place, a platinum pixie cut. And paula faris has the latest. Reporter: It's platinum blonde and mostly gone. Miley cyrus, shocking fans when she went from this to this. Debuting the bold, new hair cut on sunday night. She's rocking a platinum belong pixie cut, with longer bangs. Never felt more me in my whole life. Posting a few shots of herself posing for the camera. Feeling so happy in my skin. Online, tens of thousands posted instant feedback and mixed reviews. What have you done? No. Love miley cyrus hair. Omg. Exactly how I wanted mine. I like miley's new hair cut. Everyone needs to get over it. She loves it. She enjoys it. And let's move on. Reporter: Helping cyrus get the look, stylist to the stars, chris McMillan, seen here as he makes the first cut. It's not the first time we've seen a star make a drastic change to her mane. In 1995, jennifer aniston made a cut. It even had a name. chris McMillan was behind that do, as well. Many went from long locks to short and edgy. While miley's style is trending on twitter, we wanted to know, will her fans mimic the drastic, new do. I think it's change. And that's coming from this. If I could pull that off, I'd probably do the same thing to my hair. Reporter: The jury's still out. But when it comes to miley's new mane, less is more. For "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. Now, we're joined by tabitha coffee, one of the lottest celebrity stylists. She's here to talk about miley's new look and one young lady who was brave enough to get the miley. This is lara here. We have lara's before picture. We should show that. Tell us why this was a good cut for her? She had shorter hair. It wasn't a huge leap. It was a big leap. I really knew with her hair texture, with her features, it would work really well. I did a variation of mileys. It is a little softer. You didn't go platinum blonde with her. Not today. Maybe next time. What about miley? She had a classic look. And she took a dramatic change. What do you think about that? I like it. She's 19 years old. She's at the right age to be experimental and play. There's some that you can do, like I've done here. And we've seen lots of celebrities take the plunge. Anne hathaway, just did a pixie put. Michelle williams. Gwyneth paltrow. Is it hard for stars to make a drastic change? Sure. People say, I love it, I hate it. It's really hard. If they can do it, hair should be fun. It's a great way to change. You have the grown-up version. I have the grown-up version. Thanks very much. To see other celebrity memorable hair cuts, go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! I think it looks great. Thank you. George, over to you. Now, for our conversation with sylvester stallone. The all-star cast of hollywood tough guys, including the return of arnold schwarzenegger to the big screen. Cecilia vega sat down with all of them, where for the first time, stallone speaks about the death of his son. Reporter: They are hollywood's macho men. Together in one very pink room. Enough testosterone we can handle it. Reporter: To talk about a manly movie, "the expendables 2." Good morning, america. And breaking now, the west on fire.Dozens of homes burned, hundreds of threatened, in at least ten

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{"id":17000778,"title":"Miley Cyrus' Dramatic New Hairstyle","duration":"3:00","description":"The singer and actress is turning heads with her edgy new look.","url":"/GMA/video/miley-cyrus-haircut-turns-heads-generates-buzz-online-17000778","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}