Cyrus Responds to Twitter User Who Wished Her Dead

Singer demands Twitter take action to prevent hurtful, threatening comments.
4:08 | 02/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cyrus Responds to Twitter User Who Wished Her Dead
Miley Cyrus is taking a stand against all that trash talk on Twitter. She says across the line after getting desperate fight -- and she wants the social media giant to do something about it. He's his Lindsey Davis is here with more on the story would -- good morning George that's right the nineteen year old singer and actress isn't -- standing up to cyber -- she's asking Twitter. For help -- hours Silas is far from the first celebrity to get offensive or threatening tweets on Twitter. But if she gets her way she might just be the last. Miley Cyrus dazzled in her -- volley down as she hit the red carpet for the Academy Awards biggest parties and stopping to talk with Lara. -- out and John went and Miley Cyrus looks like -- golden glamorous. Wanted to see out but just moments before she was in the midst of some serious drama. Apparently someone on Twitter had just wish the teen idol did. The menacing tweets from at this Cyrus -- have since been deleted but said Cyrus. Dresses like white trash is so expletive hideous and urged her to die. After seeing the hurtful messages Cyrus tweeted back you have nothing better to do than hate. That saddens me I'm surrounded by love I'm sorry for -- ever happened to me so bitter and she didn't stop there she's now taking on -- Urging the social networking site. -- controls and to take action against users to post nasty comments. I really advise my clients to be very wary of engaging. With negative fans out there I think he just sort of a -- mind I think it's better just to -- In response to fans who told her to just ignore the haters Cyrus tweeted I won't tolerate someone telling me to -- I think Twitter needs to take some responsibility and make it a safe environment. The good news is we have this great tool called Twitter were celebrities can talk directly to their fans. But the method uses we have this tool called twitters where celebrities -- talk directly to their fans. And fans take advantage of this. Just last month Taylor Armstrong that the real housewives of Beverly Hills received multiple death threats over Twitter instead of calling Twitter she called the FBI. Twitter says it will investigate violent threats but reminds users quote. If something has gone beyond the point of personal conflict and his turned into actual violent threats that you feel are credible. Call the police. This isn't Cyrus is first falling out -- Twitter. Back in 2009 she deleted her account altogether. Vowing her -- days were over. She even created a rap song about it. And but at Miley Cyrus is back and almost five million followers strong Cyrus still tweeting regularly about anything and everything. And defending her other famous friends were also frequently victims of cyber bullies. -- -- MTV video music awards were attacked her -- -- fifth Demi Lovato who was overcoming an eating disorder by tweeting. Of -- arms we're looking at tad bit chunky. Cyrus quickly came to Nevada's defense -- I will destroy anyone that ever calls you the F word you have the sexiest. Curvy body. And Cyrus is also fired back on Twitter -- critics who called her fat tweeting. I locked myself. And if you could say the same you wouldn't be sitting on your computer trying to hurt others. Of course the last song actress could always referred to hitting the delete button on her Twitter account. Again. -- Twitter relies on its users to monitor report offensive or threatening twenty can also block certain tweets as well. Meantime Cyrus -- also notice violators are sending her massive amounts of support of tweets telling her to ignore the detractors. -- reading -- how much they love and need her to keep. Her Twitter account because they know which -- -- before she just might hit delete and choose your crickets instead of two weeks is not one thing. -- -- Yeah my delivery Mason Unck.

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{"id":15815755,"title":"Cyrus Responds to Twitter User Who Wished Her Dead","duration":"4:08","description":"Singer demands Twitter take action to prevent hurtful, threatening comments.","url":"/GMA/video/miley-cyrus-responds-twitter-user-wished-dead-15815755","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}