Millionaire, Convicted of Murder, Attempted Suicide

Bob Ward tried to kill himself after being sentenced to 30 years in prison.
2:47 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for Millionaire, Convicted of Murder, Attempted Suicide
Turnout of the latest twist in that case of the Florida millionaire convicted of murdering his wife. He apparently tried to kill himself over the weekend right after getting cents to thirty years in prison. An ABC's -- governors live in Miami with the details good morning Matt. Hey good morning George if this was indeed his suicide attempt but Bob Ward is transferred from a hospital back to the jail he'll on -- under suicide watch which means that the man who had everything. A multi million dollar mansion that thriving business in of course that loving family will be stripped of every single item in his cell. It allowed to Wear a single item of clothing called in dignity garment. It Bob. Ward had been the still with defendant and the swaggering suspect dancing this jailhouse G-8 for his daughter. But ABC news has learned that this morning. He's under medical observation at an Orlando hospital after officials said. He quote. Taking the over the counter pain reliever Ibuprofen. It quantity of -- the recommended dosage sources tell us Wharton may have taken as many as twenty tablets in an apparent suicide attempt. It came just hours after the 63 year old millionaire developer was given what was effectively. A life sentence yeah. This week he'll be sent to a state penitentiary which is about as far as you can get from the plush Iowa were mentioned were -- shot and killed his wife Diane. During the sentencing his daughters pleaded for the men who shot their mother. Daughters Mallory. Just as front mom -- -- my dad behind bars the rest of his life. It's getting -- in his second chance. And Cheryl ward. Breaks my heart to see him behind bars. Both of them it -- and heartbroken by the judges rule. Doing this -- -- their father you know noticeably caught he's attorneys' requests for a new trial or acquittal denied you. There. When your mother and shot. When things. A dramatic -- Into what was -- sensational trial over the summer -- own voice in this 911 call the train him. Remember. The couple was -- -- in debt. Ward and able to -- 171000. Dollar a month mortgage and they just hours after his arrest ward kicking up his feet. Confident he'd be home soon. I have no can be worried about not destroy the gun. Now that confidence is given way to -- respondents the sentencing judge ruled. But he's got to serve a minimum of 25 years in prison which means if he -- -- that -- to be 88 when he is -- George.

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{"id":15187365,"title":"Millionaire, Convicted of Murder, Attempted Suicide","duration":"2:47","description":"Bob Ward tried to kill himself after being sentenced to 30 years in prison.","url":"/GMA/video/millionaire-convicted-murder-attempts-suicide-15187365","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}