Millionaire Murder Trial: Case to Go Jury

Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams discuss the trial of Nanette Johnston.
5:06 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Millionaire Murder Trial: Case to Go Jury
Gonna bring in our GMA legal analyst Dan Abrams here in the studio with us. And in Atlanta Nancy Grace a host of Nancy Grace on beach. L and and Nancy did the prosecution do its job enough to convict here do you think. They absolutely. Dead and the defense actually held them all along with Johnson's words. That's -- it all went down of course she did not take the stand that was not a surprise but she gave an audio recording. Which came back to haunt her at trial it was played a part of the jury. But didn't get this tried to come up with a big dial M for murder -- straight out Alfred Hitchcock claiming that there had been a switcheroo with the keys. But as it turned out there holds CEMEX fell flat in closing arguments and I think they lost a lot of ground with that. -- you -- said. In the beginning that this going to be very hard to get a conviction here I that was going to be harder then his trial right because in in his trial number he's the one accused of actually doing the shooting -- had evidence -- regard to him of a gun. You had evidence -- guarding him were someone. Who may -- key. -- remembered -- key the key is absolutely crucial in this case because there was a brand new just need. Key left at the crime scene in the lock. So whoever did this had recently gotten his top eight and -- -- in the door and a big -- did meet recently made a copy. Of the key. And there was someone who testified in his trial saying yeah I'd seen him in there having keys -- -- His trial was an easier one in my view than hers -- that said. I think there's a lot of evidence against her there's a lot of motive evidence in particular. And -- to you alluded to this just a moment ago her own attorneys are saying look. She's -- think she's a liar she's not a good person. Play but give a date given all -- she still did not. Do she didn't murder him wasn't part of it is all about -- -- is saying those kind of things about you. -- you know it doesn't play it because wit that's tired it's old -- that they she's a liar she's issued a -- but she's not a killer that's not really a good defense and when you look at. When if you don't get away from the circumstantial evidence now -- it'll argue -- -- defense attorneys that is just circumstantial evidence. But the judge tells the jury circumstantial evidence is as valuable as direct evidence such as. An eyewitness and here we see her riding a big fat -- forging -- For 250000. Dollars the day before he's -- and -- she clears -- while he's cold there on the kitchen floor near. He admits he's confusing. A bad case with a bad defense meaning. They don't have a great case steer the defense. And it and know they dealt the bottom why did you save it -- wasn't the right thing. -- question to you -- question to you was do you think it was a mistake for them to make all these concessions to say she's defeat she's a -- first they had to. They had no choice but to do that. Nevada that he's got -- not a bad defender Chris take a guilty plate and tell the truth that -- -- aren't bad -- its defense attorney -- got twisted up in his own. Our argument -- -- the jury and was embarrassed by the prosecution. So long story short she -- the bad -- she stands to get a one a one million dollar life insurance policy. And then after he shot she calls her husband her first -- of -- -- -- -- stand. That state calls him and he does that was really weird she had took her -- to a soccer game the night before. And he got a trophy at the end of the game but Sheila after what mom and her right mind -- -- a little boys soccer game and he's getting a trophy and they had. Do martyr and she Penn State thirty minutes extra to -- -- -- think she. 11 of these -- -- agree with Nancy on is the fact that. Part of the defense here is she wouldn't have been so dumb as to blank right she's in it -- -- it got master's degree she has all this education she wouldn't have been so -- it's their -- therapy may do you there -- people you know I don't have a -- done things all the time. People you know I -- you say she's got a man I was sitting at her lawyer -- saying that she had all this experience and setter. And so and and the point is that the -- she never would have been so dumb as to. Almost never works because so often criminal defendants do do things that are that -- We'll see what happens even -- out GMA this woman does not have an -- get a book effect her husband says he does need to think she what I -- she lied about every thing. -- -- While -- -- I can't I can't to a wolf will leave it at that we'll see what the jury decides Nancy thank you have a good weekend there in Atlanta Dan. My guys get together.

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{"id":15402121,"title":"Millionaire Murder Trial: Case to Go Jury","duration":"5:06","description":"Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams discuss the trial of Nanette Johnston.","url":"/GMA/video/millionaire-murder-trial-case-jury-15402121","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}