Millionaire Murder Trial: Closing Arguments

Woman is accused of manipulating her younger lover to kill her older boyfriend.
2:41 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for Millionaire Murder Trial: Closing Arguments
Latest on the deadly love triangle that is of the jury's hands at a California courtroom a woman accused of masterminding the murder of her older millionaire boyfriend for money. And using her younger lover to do it ABC's Andrea canning. Is here with the latest from office this morning good morning -- and the closing arguments in this case they were an explosive. Prosecution said net net Johnson's power to manipulate men was her talent on earth her gift. They paint a picture of a promiscuous ingredient heartless flyer who lord and the victim with a classified ad that read wealthy men only. The defense however says there's no physical evidence to tie her to the murder. Single strongest piece of it was a warm words like between the defense the centerpoint upon which these cases revolving around chewing my client was involved in the conspiracy minister in -- -- Is horsemen. And the prosecution. Just for two hours -- -- our tax. Both sides presented their closing arguments Thursday in the net net Johnston murder trial the former model is accused of having her wealthy fiance bill McLaughlin killed in cold blood nearly two decades ago. On December 15 1994. McLaughlin a 55 year old -- was shot six times inside his home at the time he was living with Johnston then -- beautiful 25 year old who lured in the lonely bachelor. She knows that she's. Con artists are rip off point no arrests were made at the time but fifteen years later prosecutors reexamined the evidence. They charged Johnston and her lover -- -- -- A former NFL linebacker with murder alleging she put him up to the crime so they could make millions off McLaughlin death. Death equals. Money. She becomes a millionaire she becomes the -- -- -- the defense said Johnston had a solid alibi and that -- husky who was convicted of McLaughlin murder last year acted alone out of jealousy acknowledged the affair but argued she was a Smart MBA grad who would never leave her wealthy fiance. -- as much -- you want. So being -- thief and liar -- you can't vote guilty. Based on past the prosecution said Johnston planned the whole thing and gave to prosecute key to access the home. She had already stolen a half million dollars for McLaughlin before the murder even happens. She was going to get -- for the thefts and she was going to -- cut. For that a fair the only question is what that's what they'll have to die just. As we mentioned Erica -- -- already been convicted of murdering bill McLaughlin he will be sentenced today. As -- -- -- that Johnston the jury will continue to continue deliberating on her case on Monday so -- we connect hopefully expect a verdict next week -- -- --

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{"id":15402072,"title":"Millionaire Murder Trial: Closing Arguments","duration":"2:41","description":"Woman is accused of manipulating her younger lover to kill her older boyfriend.","url":"/GMA/video/millionaire-murder-trial-closing-arguments-15402072","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}