Millionaire Murder Trial: Cold Case Reopened

Suspect Nanette Johnston admits to cheating, stealing from her wealthy husband.
2:55 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Millionaire Murder Trial: Cold Case Reopened
-- extraordinary trial unfolding on camera and a California courtroom right now the woman on trial accused of conspiring to murder her older and much richer boyfriends. Prosecutors calling it a love triangle that led to murder for financial gain ABC's Andrew can't influence -- now. With historic morning this is a very twisted case the defendant in this case the net Johnston says that she lied to cheated on and stole from the millionaire businessman she was living with years ago. But she's asked -- jury to believe that she had nothing to do with his gruesome death. I'm sick that Beretta nine millimeter that he you know and he into -- -- look Laughlin. Prosecutors opened their case Monday morning with graphic images of the cold blooded murder of William McLaughlin. A murder they say was committed by the woman he loved and the man she was seeing on the side. They shot him six times in the chest every one of those was a lethal shot. But one of them score to record the -- And bill McLaughlin. Ruled out and died McLaughlin a 55 year old inventor and multi millionaire was shot to death inside his Newport Beach, California home nearly two decades ago. At the time -- was living with this woman -- Johnston -- 25 year old model who prosecutors say had lured the lonely bachelor. Into a relationship with a classified ad that read. Wealthy men only. She wants someone with money and she wants to be taken care -- just after 9 PM on December 15 1994. Someone used a key to enter McLaughlin home shooting him six times no arrests were made at the time. -- Johnston had a solid alibi but detectives suspected she was involved along with -- the posh ski. A former NFL linebacker with whom she was having an alleged affair. Just can give -- an overview fifteen years later prosecutors reopened the cold case re examining the evidence. It paid off in 2009 Johnston was accused of putting a -- -- up to the killing. And both were arrested last year in a -- -- was convicted of first degree murder now prosecutors have set their sights on Johnston. Who they say stood to make a fortune off McLaughlin staff. At 910 and 12. The -- Johnson. Packard McNeil. Became a millionaire at least on Paper she -- a one million dollar life insurance policy on bill -- go off. In opening statements the defense acknowledged Johnston relationship with -- -- Huskies she always had an -- on the side does that mean she's a killer no. But argued she was a Smart MBA grad who would never leave her wealthy fiance. Man -- Packard would never ever. Leave -- -- -- for someone with no money. And that former NFL linebacker in this case 45 year old -- -- a posh ski played briefly for the Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots he is now facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. His sentencing is scheduled for January January 20 the -- Johnson's trial Robin is expected to last about ten days.

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{"id":15328120,"title":"Millionaire Murder Trial: Cold Case Reopened","duration":"2:55","description":"Suspect Nanette Johnston admits to cheating, stealing from her wealthy husband.","url":"/GMA/video/millionaire-murder-trial-cold-case-reopened-15328120","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}