Will Mindy McCready Be Charged With a Crime?

Dan Abrams explains why a judge might have sided with singer in custody battle.
2:18 | 12/06/11

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Transcript for Will Mindy McCready Be Charged With a Crime?
Turn -- our legal analyst Dan Abrams you're watching on Tiffany's -- -- no wonder what what exactly did. That she -- forget what it what is a -- mean in the context and it's very hard to believe. That a court after listening to all of the evidence that she literally takes the child from Florida. Takes -- -- there is found hiding in a closet and Arkansas. The child -- -- taken into Foster care that somehow the judges gonna say okay fine here ago you now have custody that's very hard to believe it's more likely. That she has some sort of temporary. Custody -- she's allowed for example to bring the child back to Florida something like that we'll have to see when it comes to children. It's not a question of how did the parents behave did what they do what's right or wrong. The only question is what's in the best interest of that child. And that is what is Paramount and we need to remind people she hasn't been a precedent for anything extra meat because. And I think she might not be the of the authorities might ultimately say we're not gonna torture here. Even though what she did was not legal do not -- flat out. To take the child. From the custodial the person who has custody that's what she did -- But just because you're not allowed to do it does mean the prosecutors are gonna say we necessarily have to go after her. The most important thing I think they had to resolve immediately was what happens to this child. That seems to have been what what happened yesterday. The question of what happens to her is something -- their. Not and is much of eruption could turn into what happens next here damn Kennedy think -- look I think it did the first questions going to be what we're does that chopped up does the child go back to her mother who had custody. Then you've got of course the biological father. Where there were issues with him as well numbers both the biological father and Mindy McCready. Both have problematic and troubled pasts and that's why her mother had custody. So when -- decree comes out and says publicly what I'm just take my child this is my child I'm not abducting a child I'm allowed to take my check out what -- not. Not when a court has ruled. That the mother has custody so this is a complicated case it seems that it -- sort of no winners here so to speak. But the fact that that child was taken into Foster care. And right -- in and of itself is a long so many have pain that her mother has issues as well so. Yet look and that's it she says although all others around the mother have been yes they have all right Dan we'll keep an eye on it -- -- very much.

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{"duration":"2:18","description":"Dan Abrams explains why a judge might have sided with singer in custody battle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15094256","title":"Will Mindy McCready Be Charged With a Crime?","url":"/GMA/video/mindy-mccready-charged-crime-15094256"}