Mindy McCready Claims Son Suffered Physical Abuse

Country music singer says her mother's bizarre beliefs put son in jeopardy.
4:36 | 12/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mindy McCready Claims Son Suffered Physical Abuse
To get right to -- ABC news exclusive interview with country singer Mindy McCready telling her side of the story. In the battle over her young son that is tearing her family apart ABC's Andrea canning sent down for an amazing 20/20 -- -- You can get a sneak peak right now having -- good morning rob what we all heard the stories -- -- -- Mindy McCready defied a court order. When she took her son Zander during a visit with him in Florida and brought him to Arkansas her mother is the child's legal guardian right now. And Mindy is now making some serious allegations against her mother. Everything from physical abuse to her bizarre beliefs that she sees dead people. How much you love this little -- -- more than any -- world. He is my little Angel. Country singer Mindy McCready and her five year old son Zander made headlines around the world. As a mother and son on the run from the law. Police tracked her down in Arkansas last night so many stories about you being -- kidnap her on the run wanted unfit mother. The thing about it is meant when next my story. A story that begins in Nashville -- -- was a rising star with the number one hit guys do it all the time. -- she went on a downward spiral that included drug abuse and domestic violence I stopped singing. I stopped socializing I stopped living she lost custody of Zander to her own mother Gayle Inge in 2007. I have my brain scan today she got a life back by appearing on Celebrity Rehab -- get one thing was missing her son had an attorney -- me. You should bring him back immediately. -- sent to you realized you any idea. What it is like to have one minute with his. After having four and a half years without him not being able to have -- 12 holding him. Smelling good thing. And I picked it up one minute. Or anything not for anyone. She was forced to give him back last weekend when US marshals came to her door they are are dressed up in swat team they had -- Riot gear on more guns drawn huge guns assault rifles. But just a few days later the actions moved the case to a new state with a new judge who listen to McCready about why she she get her child back from her mother. She accuses of physically and emotionally abusing Zander Zander was being beaten. Wind and wouldn't stand. There are scars on Sanders back. Their scars on his bottom and his legs. From -- stand McCready also says her mother is exposing Zander to a bizarre religion. My mother you know believes that she is a prophet sent from god they see dead people in their home all the time -- spirits and demons. -- day we're encouraging my son to go around with them to churches and stand up onstage and you know screen gibberish. -- -- responded telling ABC news. I have been Zander -- guardian for four and a half years there's been all kinds of scrutiny he has never been abused in our care. She also denied the allegations regarding her religion -- or -- title while McCready raises concerns about her mother questions remain about Mindy. How can anyone trust you that you will continue to be a good mother and stay on this path that you -- on. I believe everybody makes mistakes everybody has to grow up and understand. Why had made that bad choices that made. And how not to make them in the future -- -- my life and every single time that I have wanted to just. Let go and just get end. I remember what he did for me. He saved my life. Mindy has found a new love she has twins on the way in and is making new music her next custody hearing is next week and we've also learned. She's been in contact with -- he's in a Foster home and he's reportedly doing doing well that's what's most important as we keep. Emphasizing -- -- has so much more tonight -- point Tony you know you've heard all those news reports Mindy was hiding in a closet when the marshals came she really wants to set the record straight about what actually happened. And this is just this interview surprising it's emotional it's heartbreaking and it's a reminder of the power of a mother's love and and what a mother will do to get her child basking in the -- all right and just so much and you can see the entire interview with Mindy McCready new details about her days on the run. And so much more you can see it on ABC's 20/20 tonight at 10:9 --

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Country music singer says her mother's bizarre beliefs put son in jeopardy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15119999","title":"Mindy McCready Claims Son Suffered Physical Abuse","url":"/GMA/video/mindy-mccready-claims-son-suffered-physical-abuse-15119999"}