Mindy McCready Details Moment Cops Found Her, Son

Singer discusses custody battle, being captured by police in Arkansas with son.
3:39 | 12/08/11

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Transcript for Mindy McCready Details Moment Cops Found Her, Son
It's the right to that ABC news exclusive interview with country singer Mindy McCready speaking out. In her first interview since taking her son on the run revealing details from the emotional family battle ABC's -- -- just spoke with the singer at your back. Concrete details -- what went on that -- is so emotional about that she says that this was really a crying for help. She says that it was a chance to finally have her son back in her arms. Singer says she's been fighting to get him back for years but no one would listen. From a quiet lake house in Arkansas she shared with us her version of events when the US marshals finally tracked her down she says with guns drawn. He was screaming. For her -- please don't touch me please don't touch me please don't touch my mommy. Please. Leave me alone I wanna be with my mommy. Country star Mindy McCready described the terrifying scene last Friday which she says US marshals stormed her boyfriend's vacation house in Arkansas. And took her five year old son -- from her arms. Police say the singer who lost custody of Zander in 2007. Took him from his legal guardian in Florida the -- own mother and -- across state lines. The parental abduction landed her in front of a judge but on Monday she emerged from court with a huge granite. Can't talk about it but I'll tell you aren't happy -- the custody case -- sealed but McCready says things are moving in a good direction. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. I just eighteen years old Mindy McCready shot to the top of the country charts with the number one hit guys do it all the time. Selling millions of records. But her downward spiral that included drug abuse and domestic violence landed her on Celebrity Rehab last year. She says she's now -- a good place pregnant with twins and has a new love. Still she says her new life won't be completed -- Zander is with her. And bringing him to Arkansas was a risk she says she'll never regrets. Did you knowingly break the law. Taking Zander from Florida to Arkansas I do not to this moment and -- not everything that -- taking my own child that I carried for nine months. That I gave birth to in the hospital -- -- self. Would ever be breaking the law and what I did was to protect my child. And there's not a person in the world it's ever gonna tell me that that is wrong. Tomorrow on our ABC news exclusive -- going to have more about the night when federal agents came in the -- home to get. Her son. Was she hiding in the closet did she break into a neighbor's house to evade law enforcement she wants to -- the record straight. The -- also going to share with us why she finally broke after all these years and -- -- she reveals some of her family's deepest darkest secrets and and they were shocking reality. It takes it's hard to hear some of these things that that she's gonna talk about and her son right now is in Foster care in Arkansas race to win and get things worked out yet she said things are moving in the good direction now this judge in Arkansas has given -- some new -- in the case the -- Figure out what's going to happen next with him he's sort of at the has the -- right now so to speak and it gets she's she's pregnant and now six months pregnant with twins that she's been really emotional -- -- raw emotion come out. And this interview you know she breaks down several times because this is just so close to her heart has been so long coming. To get to this point for her alright Andrea thank you very much and we'll have much more. And -- exclusive interview with Mindy McCready tomorrow here on GM and then you can see the entire interview tomorrow night. -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Singer discusses custody battle, being captured by police in Arkansas with son.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15111422","title":"Mindy McCready Details Moment Cops Found Her, Son","url":"/GMA/video/mindy-mccready-details-moment-cops-found-son-15111422"}