Minnesota Dad Wins $149.4 Million Powerball Prize

Paul White, 45, claims one third of the $448 million lottery jackpot.
5:47 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Minnesota Dad Wins $149.4 Million Powerball Prize
Welcome to the Minnesota state lottery. We have faith to great day here today. We have a ham lake resident who will love being here in a moment to. Tell you about how it feels to win the powerball jackpot. And -- some -- The winning ticket was purchased at the holiday station -- ham lake. And we were hoping maybe some holiday folks would be here but that's not the case that they're great supporters and I welcome -- White. And present a check for 109. Point four. With Foley have is that significant other -- Henry's. Friends Ron and Nancy Cohen. And a new first brother bill like. -- little road. So. They would be more than happy to answer questions from I wouldn't have -- Have a seat mr. white yeah. It's it's. And there was -- was there but there. Group of immigrants. From almost zero. It's crazy and it's -- said -- a couple of times that it had gone through this in my head so many times in my life. That -- almost feel like it's finally coming true is I'm sure anybody who's ever bought a lottery ticket. Thinks -- -- what they're gonna do with the money the next. All the people they -- all. You know and so I feel like it's it's almost been. I'll siblings -- -- -- grief for years about all our top bottom and lottery someday man. -- actually we just got together not to liable for my -- eightieth birthday. We're playing this game. I remember the gist of it exactly. You had to pick who -- the problem matching this description. The description was their financial plan consists of playing the lottery. -- -- my name and they thought it was funny done. -- -- -- -- -- -- Kim my good friends Nancy and and actually work with -- this morning as my boss. And started -- my -- he's -- and the intellectual for. And that's my little brother -- formula worked just on the street. -- them -- -- Canada. It. -- -- Absolutely. Like it's an unlucky enough that my parents are still alive celebrated its eightieth birthday -- when mother 77. Still in decent -- and they don't. Need my money or sad or any -- But. I mean. Imagine what -- -- his ankle the culture own hard because your own faults whatever whatever is one. So it's just an opportune might -- missile probably is a picture the first part -- in 196163. First caught a -- for 63 and pol -- I'm fine art. And I think that's the coolest thing -- -- This stuff like that and charities sister lives in San Francisco very charitable. -- shall lots of for some of the money. In all the -- stuff you don't think about fuel this pressure off line. Shoulders you carry it. To kids. Kids and pay for all. You know take care -- -- -- -- all these things. In a story. -- -- Yeah I had forgotten how my way home we -- getting. Prepared for the weekend basically and a comes -- mothers visiting -- and must. Which is a sixty year old science and and -- -- every chance to drive the car on powerball ticket she's. Scar. -- -- -- as we drove all the thirtieth month. What ten dollars tickets. Anything about it until this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And look. She's powerball was thirty. I was pay attention in my power to 32. -- Well. What's the next number 59 -- And ones she -- -- -- up front. And then -- I think five was there to -- I'm really busy after -- Where do -- do for -- we -- So we want to -- Picture their rights and later. I'll -- -- and everybody. When it happened so I think ten people verified before office. All the whole. Article -- --

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{"id":19907988,"title":"Minnesota Dad Wins $149.4 Million Powerball Prize","duration":"5:47","description":"Paul White, 45, claims one third of the $448 million lottery jackpot.","url":"/GMA/video/minnesota-dad-wins-1494-million-powerball-prize-19907988","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}