Last Minute Gift Ideas for Late Christmas Shoppers

Becky Worley shares great deals still available before the holiday.
3:40 | 12/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Last Minute Gift Ideas for Late Christmas Shoppers
The clock is now ticking. If you're one of the many last-minute -- I'm done. I'm done. Let's not judge. I do not. I don't. I sit here in love and -- five kids, five stockings. Top that. I sit in love and with some solutions. Actually, it's becky who has the solutions. Becky, come on, talk to us, tell us what we need to know. You know, I'm not advocating it, lara, but it happens. Every once in awhile, you need a couple more gifts. Here you go. My last, last-minute desperate shoppers guide to finding gifts. It happened. You somehow forget to buy one or two or maybe any presents. It's christmas eve. Yikes! This is not an optimal way to show others how much you care, i accept the challenge. Let's do some seriously desperate last-minute shopping. First up, tons of stores are open today. Christmas eve. If you really can't do any shopping until tomorrow, all right. Here goes. On christmas, you have your gas stations. Your airport store ifs you're traveling. And also lots of convenience stores. There's more here than you think. Some lottery tickets. 35 million? That's a great gift. Candy, snacks. The key is packaging. Channel your inner martha stewart. With a colorful box and careful arranging -- I this one my guilty pleasures gift basket. You have your lottery tickets, your candy, and a slim jim. Think my dad might want this. They may even have toys. Oh! Just crashed into the slurpee machine. Many starbucks will also be open on christmas. A gift card, mugs, a christmas blend, a cd, you can make this work. Theaters are open. So a gift card for movies and popcorn as yummy packaging? My best desperate spot, pharmacies. Some of the chains are open for most of christmas. Elf karaoke. ♪ Have yourself a merry little christmas ♪ okay. Kid stuff and as-seen-on-tv products. It's not an ipad, but I love my swivel sweeper. Can you cut and arrange greens as a hostess gift? Bake sugar cookies? I know, I know. We're all stressed out and tired this time of the year. But this simple stuff might be what it's all about any way. Happy holidays, and good luck. I know, I get all schmaltzy this time of year. But it really is the thought that counts, lara. Indeed. You have something you can get to people you're not goik to be You can e-mail a gift card to people. If you go amazon or target or any of the big retarls. You put in the recipient's e-mail. Walmart has a deal, you buy a $50 itunes gift card, but you only pay 40 bucks for it. It appears miraculously in their inbox. Thank you, becky t. A lifesaver for so many. Merry christmas. I'm knocking out christmas shopping.

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{"id":18054859,"title":"Last Minute Gift Ideas for Late Christmas Shoppers","duration":"3:40","description":"Becky Worley shares great deals still available before the holiday.","url":"/GMA/video/minute-gift-ideas-late-christmas-shoppers-18054859","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}