Last Minute Shopping Madness

Procrastinators taking advantage of deals with one day of shopping left.
2:37 | 12/24/11

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Transcript for Last Minute Shopping Madness
Power of procrastinate should check -- that -- 24 hours before Christmas morning. 24 million Americans are going to be rushing to finish their holiday shopping today and the stores. They know this they're scrambling to get you in the door offering some mammoth deals and ABC's TJ Winick -- that in the thick of it. At the big Macy's in New York's Herald Square which has not closed by the way since Tuesday TJ I imagine you've got some bleary eyed sailed right -- there are. We I think you gonna be a little crazy actually to be shopping at 2 o'clock in the morning but the store. Has been open all night long folks have been here one woman's explanation. Not so crazy she actually told me she hates crowds and wants to avoid the -- holiday shoppers a -- for four weeks now -- now that it is Christmas Eve. You might just get some of the best deals yes. This -- holiday shoppers holding out for the best deals hunting for those deep discounts. In this quarter retailers were trying to get shoppers to pay is close to full priced as possible. As of Christmas Eve experts say you have the upper hand it. The discounts for around 40%. We're now seeing them move up to 50% in next week he could even see some sixty. It turns out procrastination. Has its -- they're giving everything -- that that is if you can find what you're looking for an -- -- -- joining -- tours are -- -- Restoration Hardware are just two of the -- -- stores offering big sales from 25 to 50% off before Christmas on line Is offering 10% off an Amazon is -- toy prices. By 75%. Retail sales are expected to jump nearly 4% this year. In stores have been pulling out all the stops several Macy's locations are open 83 straight hours in the run up until Christmas. It -- excitement of the store. I think we're gonna see more companies over the next few holiday season stay open longer and later. There was too much excitement for a pair of sneakers at several stores across the US when impatient shoppers lined up for the Nike retro air jordans. We don't sell for a 180 bucks. It was absolute pandemonium. You know actually 10% of holiday sales on the week after Christmas that's because of all those gift cards that folks kept for the holiday and -- -- I have to tell you -- Dan hasn't -- -- your holiday gift yet. Only give me -- call because there are some great coach bags here on sale. Of course we haven't gotten my gift yet someone to send him there right after the show to -- --

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{"id":15227017,"title":"Last Minute Shopping Madness","duration":"2:37","description":"Procrastinators taking advantage of deals with one day of shopping left. ","url":"/GMA/video/minute-shopping-madness-15227017","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}