Miracle Tornado Baby: One Year Later

ABC News' Steve Osunsami checks in on the baby that survived a tornado.
2:47 | 10/27/11

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Transcript for Miracle Tornado Baby: One Year Later
Last April the small town of -- Campbell Alabama made the news but. For the wrong reasons it was ground zero for a powerful tornado which killed more than two dozen people in that total loan. But now the gift of life is best proof that the town is marking a new chapter. As ABC's Steve -- -- found out when He returned there. All of this looked like. -- -- This morning Mitchell demanded John's arm -- the ever survive this. Exactly six months ago an incredibly large tornado was bearing down on their home shredding it to pieces. Amanda was five months pregnant her husband and her mother were trying desperately to hold onto this concrete floor. In the whole entire Tom Martin kids know thanking them myself I need that myself and feel positioned united to release. -- -- -- -- All three were thrown from the home and her mother in 26 others in town were killed her husband ended up in a coma. And Amanda was screaming for help realizing she was losing the baby. Immediately tell them I was for five months pregnant. And -- -- and then just Sam and discovered that I had a -- Imam Hussein that. And mountain. Where something had functioning. But their story we take a miraculous turn in a few short days the wound that threatened the baby's life. Suddenly yield on its own and on September 1 the child they now live -- was -- they need him hated. -- -- -- -- How do you feel that we. People call your son a miracle. He says. -- initials mean. These are He has found out about it -- like somebody -- fundamentally. Mostly human system and so -- He used to -- They say it's easier to forget that they now have so little because the baby gives them so much. Morning. Good -- go to court Good Morning America Steve Lucent's on the ABC news -- -- Alabama. And Sam Champion as her -- to talk about just how how. Powerful but storm was it's the worst kind of storm you could ever imagine go through we're talking about the did. Worst category -- -- have five win stronger than 200 miles an hour 21940. Almost 250 people lost their lives. That day. And this is a great story but still there there's so much work to be done and we have a link on our website if you go to the Red Cross and you can still help these people and a lot of the Alabama tornado folks do desperately need your time thank you Sam.

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{"id":14825254,"title":"Miracle Tornado Baby: One Year Later","duration":"2:47","description":"ABC News' Steve Osunsami checks in on the baby that survived a tornado.","url":"/GMA/video/miracle-tornado-baby-year-14825254","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}