Woman Killed Allegedly Trying To Breach White House Gate

Miriam Carey was killed after a wild chase down Pennsylvania avenue.
2:14 | 10/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Killed Allegedly Trying To Breach White House Gate
Let's start with abc's jim avila on capitol hill right now. Jim? Reporter: The streets are back open. We are back to what passes as normal here in the nation's capitol. A woman driving at high speed, disrupted congress in mid session. A wild, high-speed chase on america's most important street. The pennsylvania avenue power canyon between the white house and capitol hill, lit up by gunfire. It began at 2:12 in the afternoon. The car rammed a barrier on the southeast side of the white house. And secret service watched. One of the uniformed agents bumped into in the process. They give chase up pennsylvania avenue, where they corner to driver at the base of capitol hill, near the botanical gardens. It's around 2:20. Guns drawn and a parole car behind. The suspect's car manages to escape, reversing, bumping the police vehicle and speeding off. It's here that police first fire at the car. I heard the gunshots and the car tore out of the area. Reporter: The camera man, an arabic speaker is stunned. He follows the car as it circles the peace monument, and up constitution avenue, towards the capital building. Slams into another barrier. Police open fire again, killing the unarmed suspect, a woman identified as 34-year-old miriam carey of connecticut. All as stunned capitol hill workers watched. The police are coming after a car. Then, the car was just -- it kept going. And then, they boxed him in. Reporter: Then, another surprise. In the backseat -- once I got a little closer, i could make it a police officer taking a child away from the scene. Reporter: Members of congress were in lockdown for nearly an hour during the chaos. Police advising them to I'd their identities. Are you a member of congress? I said, yeah, I am. Let me see your identification. I pulled out my identification. He told me to take the pin off. He said, you can be a target. Reporter: Police say there was no terrorism involved. Just a deranged woman driving at high speed, trying to get into the capitol. George?

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{"id":20468600,"title":"Woman Killed Allegedly Trying To Breach White House Gate","duration":"2:14","description":"Miriam Carey was killed after a wild chase down Pennsylvania avenue.","url":"/GMA/video/miriam-carey-killed-capitol-hill-allegedly-breach-gate-20468600","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}