Will Mishandled Evidence Affect Pistorius Verdict?

Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the latest developments in the South African murder trial.
3:00 | 03/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will Mishandled Evidence Affect Pistorius Verdict?
It may show she committed at least one fire arms offense. We're going to bring if Dan Abrams and Nancy grace, host of "Nancy grace" on HLN joining us from Atlanta. Good morning. Good morning. We heard in Matt's report about the former police officer and being grild about mishandling the evidence. How damaging is this? Some of it really matters. Some of it doesn't. Meaning, I'm not as concerned about the allegations of, were certain pieces of evidence held in the locker versus somewhere el that is less significant to me that evidence may have been moved before photographed. It will back up on undermine Oscar Pistorius' own account. The key to this case is Oscar Pistorius' story. What he says happened and how. Part of the way you can determine is he telling the truth is based on where certain pieces of evidence were found. If it was moved before it was photographed, that is a big point for the defense. How do you feel about that, Nancy? Some people were taken aback when the former police officer said, yeah, we may have stolen a couple of his watches. Big deal or not? It's a double-edged sword. Dan is right in a sense that, if one of these police officers, who I might add were all body searched after they left Pistorius' home for the watch that was several thousand dollars. Um, if they stole, that casts a pale and a pall on the entire investigation. Much as we saw in the investigation of O.J. Simpson. You lose faith in the police. The law is, if you lose credibility in one witness in part of their testimony, you can throw out all of their testimony. It does not affect the fact that he says he pulled the trigger and his recounting of the events. What I found to be interesting is you have mipistorius buying a slew of guns, four or six just before her death, including a civilian assault rifle. That goes into his frame of mind. In general, Nancy, here we are, heading into the third week of the trial. If you're the prosecution, how confident are you right now? Or not? Well, you know, after O.J. Simpson and to tt mom, I would never be comfortable going into closing arguments. This is a judge case. Not a jury. They have not had juries in years. I would be concerned. Pistorius has been vomiting in court when he sees photos of the crime scene. He has been extremely charming to the judge. And, if a trier of fact likes a defendant, they'll see the in evidence a certain light. I give the judge a little more credit than that. I think the prosecution, regardless of how the case is going in terms of pieces of evidence, et cetera, you have the fundamentals. He shot her in his own home numerous times. And number two, you have the fact that there are ear witnesses who heard and argument. If there was an argument followed by a shooting, it is hard to see how the judge does not convict. I think -- Another thing that just came out this morning was that he had to walk by her side of the bed to get to the bathroom. He had to see she wasn't lying there. Which is one of the most important points. And you're both in agreement we'll hear from him? I think so. And he'll cry and vomit and carry on on the stand. Count on it. Nancy grace, as always, thank you so much. Dan, appreciate it as well.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dan Abrams and Nancy Grace discuss the latest developments in the South African murder trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22937719","title":"Will Mishandled Evidence Affect Pistorius Verdict?","url":"/GMA/video/mishandled-evidence-affect-pistorius-verdict-22937719"}