Miss America 2013: The Inside Story

A new group of contestants compete for the beauty pageant crown.
2:29 | 09/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miss America 2013: The Inside Story
rain is not ending for them. Now to the most famous beauty pageant on the planet. It's back home in atlantic city. A brand-new miss america will will be crowd tonight right here on abc. A new breed of contestants is emerging. Interesting contestant this is year. The pageant is in its 93rd year. This time around, it promises a more modern twist. Is there that's miss america, 1945. Reporter: This is not your mother's miss america pageant. With coop tes tants like the bow-slinging, camo-wearing, tatto tattoo-touting miss america. The serenity prayer. Women have tattoos. This is 013. They can win. Reporter: Teresa vail is a new kind of beauty queen. The first to support ink and the army national guard sergeant is only the second member of the military to compete. I break stereo types every day. Being a soldier and a beauty queen. Reporter: She'll take the stage tonight as the miss america pageant returns to atlantic city for the first time since 2006. Facing off against more traditional contestants like miss florida. But even miranda jones is breaking through barriers, showing just how tough a beauty queen can be. That really hurt. Reporter: She painfully tore her acl on thursday. In a preliminary talent routine. In a moment that will be revealed tonight, she makes an incredible return to the stage the same day. Just two unique stories among the 53 contestants bringing the crowning glory of miss america back to new jersey with a spectacular new spin and perhaps a bit more drama. And jones actually went on to win the preliminary talent contest and vail taught herself to sing opera when she learned archery wasn't allowed in the competition. It will be interesting to watch those two and the rest of the ladies tonight. That is a lot of ink she has. We wish them all the best. Don't miss a special edition of

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{"id":20260561,"title":"Miss America 2013: The Inside Story","duration":"2:29","description":"A new group of contestants compete for the beauty pageant crown.","url":"/GMA/video/miss-america-2013-inside-story-20260561","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}