Kris Jenner Takes Lara Spencer Out to Vegas

"GMA's" Lara Spencer explores Vegas during her training as pageant judge.
5:34 | 01/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kris Jenner Takes Lara Spencer Out to Vegas
In Las Vegas. Thank you very much storage we talk so much about being here at Miss America and I think. But Chris and I are willing to admit that we came here -- very different perceptions of the pageant world you just saw a piece on. Toddlers and tea -- and I know I personally feel this couldn't be farther from mark -- the truth they worked so hard and basically every one of these girls 53 of summer like applying for a job yet -- next 365 days they're going to be I'm doing this but. They've taken this so seriously I'm selling press is ridiculous it really has been I magical week and you -- it's like applying for -- job it. A big job just to be a judge but we managed to sneak -- because this one want to show me perhaps. -- away from all are free five minutes yet that we had so everybody take a look at Vegas card -- in style. Even behind the giants on -- there is no such thing is going he'd -- ego for Chris Jenner. In Vegas and the six man security detail doesn't exactly help either not -- -- really wants to go under the radar. -- is gracious and patient with the adoring fans even in the most unlikely of places -- The matriarch mobile loves being the center of attention -- she was none too pleased to discover I was named head judge for the Miss America pageant. It's something she has reminded me up every chance she can. Talking about it here tiara I think that he CT I used to be queen -- -- spelled with a K of course -- when it comes to business here in Vegas she most certainly yes. She has brokered -- to appear on billboards her family even on the room keys at the mirage hotel. Biggest -- dashing chaos here in Vegas which is fittingly the name of the family's new retail outpost. A little if any -- -- you can. I figured out how are these popular with the boys it's. All the points by these they've got the -- -- on camp. -- -- -- -- -- Being around IC crashing -- -- crashing face masks. -- T shirts do you worry about over saturation. Where. Atlanta. Even a night out its biggest hot hot lava somehow becomes a marketing -- The bush and the ever present -- -- in branch. But had his savvy reality star keep up with the pawn stars. The hugely popular cable show is made repairs and pawn -- An unlikely but incredibly popular must see destination for those hoping to cash in yeah they're collectibles secretaries -- thousand dollars -- a and it just sounds -- in my eye candy -- -- Vegas take back business rally -- -- into portable cash. To find out what was flowing antique mall Sunday. Where we tried to find undervalued items -- would be the most money for. Of course -- quickly turned into a little friendly competition the qualities he's going to be worth more than. -- -- -- -- But -- down right. -- -- -- -- Many even though we got slightly distracted. We thousand -- so was time to let -- to judge. It's all about the wedding party. They just -- -- this is original packaging start track I'm feeling really good about this and -- says collector's edition on the front of yeah. -- exact price some of these things I guarantee. -- just -- separated here. -- This is probably right around 19100 and this is really collectible fan -- what you have only. Wait what would you say that's coming this is -- from a record this is showcasing its. It's. He told me it's worth a hundred miles and we paid to Victory Lane so that we come off now I know final -- isn't as. Valuable there is a -- those were a lot of I don't I don't know what to look for record I bring its Michael Jackson off the wall he sold me. Lot of the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 200 bucks and I'll -- -- -- -- eighteen might like to consider this -- a learning experience -- -- and now the moment of truth. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. OK so not a lot of money made but a lot of fun that was how he -- -- -- and everyone don't forget to watch the pageant on Saturday night ABC 9 o'clock. It's going to be so much fun and exciting to see who gets to take home their crown very exact -- -- wrap up now wants a judge okay -- Everybody you love your can you hear the premiums almost over -- --

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{"id":15345698,"title":"Kris Jenner Takes Lara Spencer Out to Vegas","duration":"5:34","description":"\"GMA's\" Lara Spencer explores Vegas during her training as pageant judge.","url":"/GMA/video/miss-america-judge-takes-las-vegas-kris-jenner-15345698","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}