Missing Baby Ayla Reynolds: Police Release Details

Dan Abrams and Nancy grace discuss the investigation of the missing baby.
4:49 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Missing Baby Ayla Reynolds: Police Release Details
Let's bring in -- legal analyst Dan Abrams and an Atlanta Nancy Grace the host of Nancy Grace on HL Ann and Nancy let me Begin. With the -- pick up right where Lindsay went off right there -- -- seeing the police do not believe. The story they're being told it sure seems like they believe that the father and -- other telling members have somebody do with a that they just -- -- so. Yes you're right and I spoke with the Maine state police at link the last night -- and many stunning developments have. Having -- in the last 24 hours. I've learned from CNN an -- -- going inside the home. That where the blood was failed George is the basement but ineffective the entire basement is the father's bedroom. So her blood EO of blood it's down in his bedroom not -- that according to. Reports they're actually corrected this morning it. There was apparently a cleanup of sorts. Some of the blood was visible to the naked I some of the blood was only visible through the use of CS side Sidney Lumet and all. That apparently showed -- of the blood. That's not good they also told me point -- they do not believe -- left on her and she didn't. Wander out of the home. And that there was no kidnapping by the powers is an abduction that points the finger at one of those three adult. It sure doesn't cancel -- name one of them a person of interest if you don't need to I mean in the bottom line is the only reason to really -- when a person of interest is to put the heat on. And that's -- they're doing anyway. By coming out publicly and saying exactly -- it just laid out. That they don't believe distort they don't believe that it was a kidnapping there was blood what are they -- always public proclamations why. To put heat. On the father and furthermore remember that they are not releasing the 911 call. Why Florida is a really open state when it comes to releasing things like not a lawyer calls and investigations. Why. Because they believe that something was set on that on one call. There's some detail on that 911 call it's really important this investment. -- and there's a woman you know the public. Paid dale what do you think of this they -- day want to go to trial is start interviewing your witnesses. You may find out additional facts and what they told you to start with depending on if you ask the right question. But you this story shouldn't changed fundamentally. And if you little bag -- I was looking at last night. I think on four different versions of what happened that night if -- report the reporters were correct. That first of all there were two infants in the room together then one report to ABC was that daddy was asleep with a -- in the bed with him. The grandmother was they are now find out is. Cam the daddy the girlfriend -- the sister has three children -- grandmother -- -- off sleeping all by yourself and I mean the story just keeps that is changing as to how Ella was found missing. Nancy explain some division and I get the thing is kind of a -- for you but what is. The mother of that child doing hanging out with the father of that child at the vigil I mean if all this suspicion is being pointed. At him why -- she publicly coming out. Next to him even though she's -- all sorts of questions about him up to this point. Well number one the mother has been attacked mercilessly in the press because she was in rehab you know what -- of America has been to rehab apparently so I don't see that as big problem she's not part of this because she was 5060 miles away. The night Kelly goes missing but your ride I don't want it inside. -- vigilante justice. But I wouldn't have to take a swing at -- simply for not coming clean with police and another thing -- much in they were all snug up at the vigil. He was basically like yeah I'm here where the T shirt what else do you want me to do another thing happened that really hit a nerve with -- and that he has. The police showed -- down the crime scene photos of the blood evidence in the limit all findings. He got up and -- ran out of the police station. You know you -- -- there's no playbook for sorrow but I think that is just downright weird and I think a jury would agree. Then they might but -- how can be that the police are no questions they -- when. When this first happened you believe that. No I don't believe -- they're no closer I believe that they're no closer to figuring out which of the three people in that house they think knows more than is being -- to me. And they're also saying for that they're not certain it -- has died and so one of the questions it could be asked is what else could possibly happen. Well you know it's possible that that someone in that house knows it didn't long long -- possibility. But could she you know -- being held somewhere at Saturday have to leave every possibility open. Despite the fact that it sounds like a super long term that is all we have time for -- thanks guys.

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{"id":15478171,"title":"Missing Baby Ayla Reynolds: Police Release Details","duration":"4:49","description":"Dan Abrams and Nancy grace discuss the investigation of the missing baby.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-ayla-reynolds-police-release-details-15478171","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}