Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Eyewitnesses Speak Out

Two people claim that they saw a man carrying a baby in the middle of the night.
2:50 | 10/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Eyewitnesses Speak Out
-- Lisa's parents have said all along that someone abducted their daughter from their house now ABC news has talked exclusively. With people who say that based on what they witnessed the night of the disappearance they now have reason to believe them. Well the latest focus of police appears to be on baby Lisa's house with extensive searches of the yard and items inside the home. ABC news has exclusively learned of at least three Eyewitness News -- to locations who say they believe police need to expand their search. They are convinced they saw baby matching baby -- description. Being carried outside the house the night she went missing are you pretty convinced that it was the person when -- -- -- -- Mike Thompson says He was on his way home from work around 4 AM October 4 when He saw a man in a T shirt carrying a baby in a diaper at this intersection. Well for a lot of good morning for you degrees maybe don't have a blanket of coconuts and and this guy walking down the street because -- Thompson says He thought it was so strange He considered offering them a ride but couldn't because He was on his motorcycle. He later reported what He sought to police what did it look like if you're trying give a description. Not five. And and foreign could. -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's not just Mike Thompson it is shocking inside I couldn't imagine any of any outside walking. With their baby in the cold like that -- no clothes on this woman -- her husband both say they saw the same thing hours earlier. A man dressed in similar clothes also carrying a baby. They -- the site was -- usual they reported to police that morning we seeing her that little -- And then -- was right here so the parts of the body we seen it didn't look like the baby had on any close at all just a diaper. While police initially ruled out reports of a man carrying a baby. The female eyewitness now says police have interviewed her four times and the accounts due at least seem plausible. This is the house where baby Lisa was last seen. Right down the street three houses away is where the husband and wife reported seeing that man in the T shirt carrying a baby at 12:15 AM. Hours after Lisa's mother Deborah Bradley says she last shocker here. Then just after 4 AM three miles away from baby Lisa's house Thompson says He saw the same thing. And this may seem to be about the same -- The plane and a particular inmates' claims. It counts in both locations are similar and it's also worth noting that they all described the man as a very calm their hope now is that their -- somehow assist police. In bringing home baby Lisa.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Two people claim that they saw a man carrying a baby in the middle of the night.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14785603","title":"Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Eyewitnesses Speak Out","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-lisa-irwin-eyewitnesses-speak-14785603"}