Missing Baby Lisa: Parent's Lawyer Speaks

Joe Tacopina and private investigator Bill Stanton discuss the family's search.
6:04 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Missing Baby Lisa: Parent's Lawyer Speaks
-- -- -- -- joins us now of course he's representing Deborah Bradley and her husband. Jeremy Irwin also private investigator bill Stanton has been working in the family and you remember bill as our former -- -- security consultant thanks for coming in. Right guys and and and Joseph let me Begin. We view is it fair to assume that you would have taken on this case. If you thought the parents had anything to do things that's fair enough to assume I'm telling you that it took me over week and speak to -- family. Investigators -- over week. And and I did not want -- -- this case if I believe there -- guilty because it's tough to sort case for me. That being said. Understanding the evidence understanding things that have not even been put out there yet and spending time with them and really understanding them and getting a visceral reaction that was very intense. There's no question in my mind that. That -- were -- what had no evidence that convinces you that we haven't seen. Well there's some things have been shared with PD that I I'm not been revealed this point. But there is enough. That clearly eliminates them in my mind some of their actions they candor -- immediacy of their actions things are remiss in the house when Germany came home. There's no way you talk about their -- but we just found out over the weekend and we have to address these questions it -- did say she'd been drinking -- fairly heavily and that Jessica. If she blackout. You know I don't -- -- blacking out to scientific terminal to consider that but she had -- -- -- -- and and don't get. It was Lisa but remember that was Debra who said that when -- police eventually had wine. -- so so the fact that she's acknowledging that. And there was no videotape create -- -- four hour -- in the timeline as well it's the know that then that's another thing that's been put out there and it's not there's not a forum. What -- why not -- does not because what she said was she put the baby to bed around 630. At one point during one of the thirteen hours of interview. She'd said she believed she checked the -- 1030. It's not an inconsistency -- the may be a recollection refreshed at some later point but He certainly not material to. Whether or not she had anything to do with the disputes with the baby. All the witnesses were there that picks the -- -- you've been working in this case -- for close for several days now close to week 1820 hours. I do where where is the evidence can. It's leading the. Outside the home. When I first came here George I told that family I am not working for them if you remember I kept saying I'm my clients -- -- economical with the truth takes me. So you -- one with an open mind and the more I'm doing an optic on this and it's not just me it's my team. We are starting to look outside the home and my feeling is that baby -- alive someone has -- -- Primakov and before it's a baby's alive. -- -- that's my feeling that the baby is alive what you -- when you look when you look at the statistics. No -- taking a ten month old to do home taking it. I would say -- trafficking what I have been wrong. -- an end and that is obviously. All of our hopes what is it why why aren't -- at liberty to reveal who's paying your bills here. Why have I have I have a an anonymous donor and that person. Wish is to stay anonymous because they want to focus all along with the reward to stay on -- and retrieval of this beautiful baby. And it's as simple as that they don't want any -- any accolades -- charitable people. And there's a -- to the family it's not like coming out of left field -- is a direct tie to that family. And -- yourself convinced that the parents have nothing to do this why the other family members so convinced they're going to be arrested. Because of some of the conduct by somebody investigating police officers -- -- FBI -- But some of via local police officers in this case of conduct himself in a way that means baffling. I'm with -- -- -- and that's wrong for instance. Within hours of of of their reporting has been remiss in which was instantaneously. -- -- was trembling. One of the interrogators hopeful. Actually accused her murder aggravated. Without -- stick to -- within hours now just imagine person can assume that that. This baby was kidnapped and taken and and and this mother whose. In in in terror. Is being accused without any evidence by the persons must -- helping her. Find her baby of committing murder -- it's unbelievable to me that actually go on and let's not cast aspersions on the part KC PD. Did they are doing their job and that they want to find Lisa and -- yet understand you know he's my new disc versions. Or misspeak or -- speaking -- misspoken words. You have PD FBI family friends the spouse. Constantly questioning you -- the question yourself. And and and that is with any witness in any crime. Deborah says that her other two kids heard noises tonight baby Lisa disappeared what more can tell us about that -- they heard some they heard some clicking noises. One at one of the voice heard some clicking noises and they were fully vetted and interviewed by BP. I firmly believe someone from. Outside the home has taken this child and when they do the searches and they come up with nothing. That is nothing but encourage him to be encouraging to me that this baby is safe. -- the -- have a hunch and I think things that I think they have Peters you know they've gone through their -- scenarios and and it was the people quite frankly. You know I for recently there are now looking for an individual. Who was -- almost person who was in the -- -- -- disappeared. You know how they present first heard about right after the incident -- it was another reporter -- reduce their resource and again resist the -- these cases there's such requests for information. And you just have to. Distinguish what's real what's not and and they don't know -- all they want is a freshman but they're going around -- -- the church made up with the tip line number I mean this beautiful little girl was out there hopefully. They've FaceBook page and -- a poll -- number. And all they want to remain the priority and focus has to remain for -- -- -- finds this will stop stories in the area. Anybody in usual buying baby food that they've never seen crying before -- that we need to look out for we all hope they release it turns out thank you both very much and.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Joe Tacopina and private investigator Bill Stanton discuss the family's search.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14759791","title":"Missing Baby Lisa: Parent's Lawyer Speaks","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-lisa-irwin-parents-lawyer-joe-tacopina-14759791"}