Baby Lisa's Parents Go Quiet

Linsey Davis reports on the search for the missing baby in Missouri.
2:12 | 10/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baby Lisa's Parents Go Quiet
They Lisa's parents are staying with relatives nearby in the meantime a police officer you see the car right there. He is keeping watch making sure that no one enters the property potentially tampers with or removes evidence from inside. Now that a judge has issued that search warrant. The latest focus of police now appears to be back where the investigation started. ABC news has learned police obtained a warrant -- Tuesday to search the home where baby Lisa disappeared. Previously the finally allowed voluntary searches but this time quite different as police gathered outside. And immediately stop letting people on the property they would have to show a judge that they have new information. Now what could that be it could be potentially. A tip. You can be potentially a physical piece of evidence that they found. This latest development comes -- -- relationship with -- Lisa's parents appears to be growing contentious again. Police tell ABC news they no longer have the family's full cooperation. -- -- mother Deborah Bradley made the rounds on multiple talk shows and graces the cover of the upcoming issue of People Magazine. Authorities say the last time they had an unrestricted conversation with the couple was October 8. Since then authorities say they'll only answer certain questions. They obviously believe they didn't have anything to do with it I think the police believe otherwise and so as a result. I think probably working with their attorney. Are gonna control the information. Or major the information they pass on to the police so. Clarke police say -- followed up on more than 500 tips including one that led authorities to hours awaited his deli in Manhattan Kansas. After a possible sighting of the eleven month old which was later dismissed. And then another development calls police to feverishly search these woods not far from baby Lisa's home. Thanks for being here but again just another lead -- didn't pan out. The police presence has remains here round the clock since yesterday afternoon and even a group that came to attend -- candlelight vigil last night they weren't even permitted to step foot on the property just to put a Teddy bear. Down on the ground.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"Linsey Davis reports on the search for the missing baby in Missouri.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14767991","title":"Baby Lisa's Parents Go Quiet","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-lisa-irwin-parents-quiet-14767991"}