Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Do Parents' Stories Match?

Dan Abrams and Brad Garrett discuss the case of the missing baby from Missouri.
3:12 | 10/17/11

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Transcript for Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Do Parents' Stories Match?
It's interesting because -- was saying she's been involved in a lot of these watched a lot of these cases on television for example and always assumed that it was the parents she says this has totally. Changed her perspective on cases like that -- again thanks very much as bring in Brad Garrett former FBI special agent. Also ABC news consultant you've done hundreds. -- interrogations when you look at that tape wouldn't. I see a woman is obviously a lot of pain. I do have a little concerned about some -- her answers in that. There is something about the way she answers fans' questions that still tell -- she's there's a piece of -- information information. That she is. -- something went on that night. And when you when you look at -- two stories in other words what each parents if they they match. But it went with Georgia don't match the important time important time is before Jeremy came home what happened between quote unquote 1030 and four -- you know. That's the real question where was baby -- was maybe -- ever in bed. -- With -- goes top but thinks because children obviously it's our very vulnerable to being suffocated whether they be in her own room or or with. -- parent and that's where the story of the Jeremy told you about the stray cat that they've -- hassle than usual thing that haven't and I might be sick if it's it's possible -- mean you know we hear that now. Deborah apparently brought in the stray cat but I have to tell you after talking to them. Looking them in the you know except it's tough to believe that they were involved with that -- have been cases where -- either interviewed people or seen them on TV and -- -- -- should be hard to believe if this were true and and I was wrong but. But when you talk to them not only the stories consistent. There you know and the they've been telling this story now for couple of weeks so it's not like you're talking to them within a day or so. But you know they do seem like. On the face they seem like simply grieving grieving parents. Then then see your gut tells you -- just can't believe. They didn't put did you learn anything else from them that might lead you believe what did happen. They adding and no we're not from them and they have a lot of theories but I don't know that -- theories would be you know particularly useful here because they've already laid them all out to the police and the police have now followed up on a lot of potential tips and so it seems -- that -- a little bit of an -- -- there has been some new news -- in this weekend there was a search -- an abandoned house where they found some diapers and baby -- the authorities are saying. Yet we think if those were old weren't related the National Guard. Did a full search on Sunday so they are still moving forward with this case. But -- -- We're we're almost two weeks are we heading into cold case territory almost. But that I'm still telling you did the area between the 1030 and at night and 4 o'clock in the morning are still extremely important and the whole idea that somebody actually broken this house. -- it just doesn't work for me the noise is -- window and all of those things just doesn't work for me so. Is there is still an abduction may be it is but I still think there's there's more to be had. For mrs. Bradley can break your ten games thanks for much greater interest.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Dan Abrams and Brad Garrett discuss the case of the missing baby from Missouri.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14752253","title":"Missing Baby Lisa Irwin: Do Parents' Stories Match?","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-lisa-irwin-parents-stories-match-14752253"}