Missing Baby Lisa Irwin's First Birthday

Family's attorney discusses the difficult day the missing girl's parents face.
4:20 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Missing Baby Lisa Irwin's First Birthday
Joining us now as the attorney for -- spans -- -- -- -- -- more very much book before we think it won't let me I don't I don't how are they going to recognize today. That being her Porsche when your birthday was a very tough pictures -- -- celebration right now and obviously ever hopefully believe that that -- a lot. But they're gonna. Recognize that -- and deal to stay very privately this is not going to be. Something that they wish to share with anyone it's going to be very difficult -- the Brothers finally last night but met with. Police they were interviewed -- interviews they re interviewed. Shortly after the abduction. Any new clues anything that they were able to. To enlighten and help the police -- you know we were privy to that interview. Fortune was videotaped but we weren't privy to -- we weren't in there with them there was a child specialist in -- You know. They bench questions again now for second time hopefully there's something that they could. Take from them from those question I don't they'll give us some some insight. The parents were concerned that they would be traumatized. And there was some delay in the interview and taking place -- satisfied with house conducted well you don't. We were concerned and to succeed year old boy boys who have been through. A lot and we want to be true that the person question. These two boys would have best interest of the children -- and we understand that this is a sensitive issue. The FBI -- specials from Washington just yesterday and you know we we think that everything went fine police are saying that they haven't. Interviewed the parents since October 8 so that's a little over. A month now and that that they would like to talk to the parents separate lane where does that stand you know I am baffled by that whole pronouncement on the Stanley is the most involved cooperate. Again -- -- for the second time they've allowed sixteen year old -- being intimidated have to do that it's the second time. -- consented to every DNA search every. And follow -- requests every swap requests consent to search of house's corners they spoke to Deborah and German spoke to -- KC PD in the FBI. A total of about nineteen hours five times five times Robin prevention every question they don't have any insight as to what happened to the daughter. And the last time they went down there -- was -- the last time she went down there with him or her attorney -- O'Brien at the time that. They had the police said please come down we have information about his whereabouts new evidence. She went down there and they had no information or new -- about -- whereabouts but yet it was another interrogation with the accused and accused her. And and that was something that I think was are -- cruel and -- not productive she doesn't have answers what we've asked myself jump journal or are a local attorney and intensity. We said what do you need from -- what questions you want answered Telus which at least get you information. That debt that has never come to us so. On their manner it would say no matter. That the parents of a missing child they would be willing to talk to police. Whenever what -- times as much as they can't because they may not think they have any information but they don't know that they could possibly have something that could help. Index -- -- to questions for nineteen hours -- become accusatory quite frankly and we say instead of keeping the folks on both declined to focus on right. There is evidence there are viable leads out there that to me are overwhelmingly powerful and and I don't know why these who's not being pursued we have someone pulled Jersey. Someone who the crucible that apparently. -- -- homeless individuals who finished work around 11:30 PM that night in the vicinity of the year -- home. At 12 o'clock there's -- soon after midnight -- to a husband wife neighbors who say they see a man fitting -- description. Walking with a baby was just a -- -- -- Actually and we see that video that -- -- -- a man walking into the woods I think gas station. In that the C a dumpster Roselle fire with clothes and it. But an hour and a half later another individual separate individual identifies a man again matching -- description 14 am holding -- baby with a -- At 1157. Most importantly there's a phone call from dad's missing cell -- which -- -- with the baby. To Megan -- approval heard about ride right then Megan Wright does note that that does not make it such Jersey's ex girl but the police insist that they have been following through on those and other -- well I hope that -- I really hope it happens that horning in. Repeatedly on this -- -- the Tonight -- thank you very much as always for being willing to come and talk to appreciate that.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Family's attorney discusses the difficult day the missing girl's parents face.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14931210","title":"Missing Baby Lisa Irwin's First Birthday","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-lisa-irwins-birthday-attorney-joe-tacopina-14931210"}