Missing Baby Lisa: Parents Want Names Cleared

Legal analyst Dan Abrams discusses the investigation into the missing baby.
2:54 | 10/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Baby Lisa: Parents Want Names Cleared
Gonna bring in GMA legal analyst Dan Abrams and Dan -- here bill Stanton whose last remarks that -- about the mother doesn't -- -- be discounted. What do you make of that. Yeah I think she wants to be ruled out I think that after the relationship we've seen where the police came and said they're not cooperating anymore. And then they have to come out and do interviews I think -- smart for the parents to say we're gonna do what ever it takes. However long it takes to assure the authorities that they can look elsewhere and I think that's a smart thing for them -- The last couple days we've seen video being released yesterday it was the surveillance video of the mom and she's out shopping everything is normal -- buying baby supplies and then we see these sweet. Home videos and you can speak and hear the mother just as sweetly talking. Two to the baby what investigators -- Lockport I. I think -- investigators are gonna look a lot more the surveillance tape from the home video -- -- it yet in every case even when someone has ended up doing something horrible to a child. You can probably find some video at some point we're someone's being kind to a -- It's not didn't say that it's not relevant it just. For investigators. It's not in -- a big issue on the other hand. That's surveillance tape from only hours. Earlier the fact that she's buying. In bulk to some degree. Diapers and wipes and other things I think is helpful. To her to say you know this sure doesn't look like someone who was about to do something. -- -- the -- now. There's always the possibility of accidents etc. but I think that surveillance tape is relevant to invest your parents first very. Open and talking to the media and talking to the police and then they back. Awful both then and now I know you're gonna be going out there this weekend and you're going to be talking to the parents. The -- -- they're how -- handled the. Let's look I think the big problem for them was when police came and announced the parents are no longer cooperate. Crew. -- case like this and has announced that the parents are no longer cooperating. Immediately suspicion starts to grow up. Said He was very smart for the parents to come out and say in effect there was misunderstanding. We're gonna get back getting there we're gonna work with the authorities look. Working with the media is significant. -- in missing child cases and it's not -- it's not just to defend yourself it's also to draw attention to it so that there are other people out there. Looking for the child I mean in a high profile case you can suddenly get an army. Volunteers. Helping you. And that's the reason to go to the media and I think that it's smart. Of the family to be balancing but they have to make sure. That the authorities -- are continuing to say there helping they're working with us we're trying to rule about etc. And then secondarily it's -- media strategy and and you'll be talking with them. This weekend and you'll be filling and we'll see what -- -- this weekend on June banker I can't thank you --

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Legal analyst Dan Abrams discusses the investigation into the missing baby.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14735959","title":"Missing Baby Lisa: Parents Want Names Cleared","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-lisa-parents-names-cleared-14735959"}