Missing Baby Lisa: Search Continues Around Home

Legal analyst Dan Abrams discusses the search for the missing Missouri girl.
2:36 | 10/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Baby Lisa: Search Continues Around Home
Springer -- legal analyst Dan Abrams -- this. Relation between the police informants that very very contentious longest search warrant now. Well -- to get the search warrant they must news presented an additional piece of evidence something that they said. Necessitated the need to get into that house but as a practical matter you have to wonder because a number of things have happened right here -- Good Morning America. Number one yesterday we saw in your interview we -- attack a -- He describes the police's behavior is baffling. When I spoke with Deborah Bradley she basically accused the authorities of lying to her in the context the interrogation. So. It may be a combination. Of some evidence in some frustration. At the family for going public against and it's and you wanna put the heat on us we're gonna -- heat they're attacking the police the police are. Upset perhaps with the family also the situation -- the parents are only answering certain questions from the and this is where that her legal team they're legal team must make some tough calls ordinarily if you're suspect you tell your -- don't talk to. -- help the police implicate us when you're also the parent. -- -- -- public child who's missing you can't not help. Now they would say that the reason that there not -- cooperating with the authorities want to talk to their kids again. They would say it's not about us it's about our kids and we don't want us objecting to that the kids were asleep what could they know what you did -- getting beat the parents do agree that there was -- -- kids did wake up. -- one of the kids was in bed with the mother that night so they definitely could have heard something seems something -- -- The Deborah would say -- authorities spoke to my kids to read. I don't want to subject them to that again it's tough when your child missing -- got to be willing to cooperate. In any and every way. I don't care what the lawyer says He lawyer says the you know we gotta be careful here OK fair enough but my child missing we gotta do not need any extra -- time. The police have been in this house for several hours what can expect -- fire -- actually get a reenactment in the house it's not just the search -- have they've gone through that window. To determine what it would take to get into that window to potentially abduct a child. Unclear what kind of -- they got -- -- a piece of information that said you know look under the sink we don't know exactly what it was. But the fact that the family is no longer saying come on in. Take a look do whatever you need to do and at the authorities have to go get a search -- I get very telling. About the deteriorating relationship between the police in the family and that is not good no matter how you look at it. When the goal is finding that it is significant and we don't know yet when exactly the -- we'll take place at the different things for him.

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{"id":14768024,"title":"Missing Baby Lisa: Search Continues Around Home","duration":"2:36","description":"Legal analyst Dan Abrams discusses the search for the missing Missouri girl.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-baby-lisa-search-continues-home-14768024","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}