Missing Florida Firefighter Search Continues

New developments have surfaced in the disappearance of Jerry Perdomo.
2:48 | 02/26/12

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Transcript for Missing Florida Firefighter Search Continues
In the latest twist in that mystery of the firemen from Florida he's a married father of two who simply vanished. 16100 miles away from home now a group of his buddies from the firehouse in Florida there on the ground in Maine looking for him but there are so many questions right now. Was there foul play here and what about this mystery woman involved ABC's -- Rivera has been tracking this very unusual case good morning to you. Unusual indeed Dan -- a lot of clues here that simply do not add up and there is still no sign of Jerry per -- out. A man so beloved by his firefighting Brothers that in addition to the two who are currently in -- dozens more are prepared to fly up from Florida if they get the Green light from investigators. They say they just want to bring him home to his two kids. These two Florida firefighters arrived in Maine willing to do whatever it takes to find their missing friend and colleague. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tenacious and productive effort the husband and father of two Jerry -- -- Vanished here are ten days ago after driving the 16100. Miles from Florida to visit a friend. Leaving police and loved ones baffled he's a felon and he always talks and brags about spamming -- kids and his -- he's always got that glimmer in his island talks about them. And so for something like this very comes up here and just -- to be heard from. His -- in characteristic of him. The firefighters are canvassing the woods looking for clues they join for demos sister and father up from New York. For them what they don't know he's agonizing. My -- -- really current last -- -- have -- feeling that has finished praying -- -- -- Mormon faith. So far the investigation has only led to more mystery after finding for demos abandoned rental car in this Wal-Mart -- last Friday. Police began looking for Daniel Porter and -- and Nowak. A couple they believe had contact with for don't know in Maine. But the pair had left the state leaving their families perplexed. I can't get -- industrial on alert voted him the coupled ditched their car and bought a used one before investigators finally found them in Connecticut. They were questioned and released so far police aren't giving any answers. Was there foul play. Or did -- -- most simply want to disappear. And then the unidentified Maine woman who says her don't know with staying with her when he vanished. For his firefighting Brothers all that matters is the job before them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- other to get ride home. And while everyone of course continues to hope for the best there is one ominous sign we have just learned that a top state prosecutor. Who's been involved with many high profile murder cases in Maine. Has just gotten involved with this case and it's not good thanks. Time you thank you appreciate it.

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{"id":15793702,"title":"Missing Florida Firefighter Search Continues","duration":"2:48","description":"New developments have surfaced in the disappearance of Jerry Perdomo. ","url":"/GMA/video/missing-florida-firefighter-search-continues-15793702","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}