Missing Florida Mom: Who's to Blame?

Dan Abrams on the disappearance of Michelle Parker after television appearance.
2:18 | 11/22/11

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Transcript for Missing Florida Mom: Who's to Blame?
-- the mother I -- in the family. What to think of what to do and and right now they're they're standing by the -- -- and that's incredibly important for him both with the investigators and in the court of public opinion because imagine if they wore bright -- he appears on the People's Court whether there was this restraining order request made. -- setter everyone would be saying come on. Must've been him with the -- saying we don't think so that really does change the equation but with that said. Even if there had been no People's Court incident here the fact that this was the acts. Means the authorities would have been looking -- -- and the fact that he would the last one to have known who have seen her -- also -- reason why they would absolutely so there's no question they're -- focus on -- they need to rule him out first before they do anything -- that restraining -- -- police have to look at that and even though she was denied the restraining order and have to -- off some -- absolutely and in conjunction with the fact that they have this kind of humiliating public back home. On the People's Court. Hours before she disappears -- it if this was a random crime. -- -- -- that we couldn't fit you know could have -- but it would be one heck -- a coincidence that she appears on national television in a contentious battle. And it doesn't necessarily mean he was involved could mean -- when he knows or someone who saw it or something else but. But with that said -- to think that this is possible that this was a random occurrence absolutely possible but something that would be a real -- -- is so frustrating and because there are so many different scenarios at this point now. Right and so it's it's really important now for the authorities to rule out everyone they want to rule out of course. Immediately the possibility that she fled -- -- family would say no chance no way no how that was children that's -- -- no way they would say that happen and they're probably right but the authorities want to be able to take -- off the table. They wanna be able to say because you heard the mother say -- humiliating experience this was burned they wanna be able to take that off the table. They want to be able most importantly I think to take the -- off the table. And then you start looking at the possibilities of -- random crop will hopefully they'll get some sort of break. Very soon if anything but the -- key clue for now -- disappearance. The last time she was seen at a text message I think there are.

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{"id":15005672,"title":"Missing Florida Mom: Who's to Blame?","duration":"2:18","description":"Dan Abrams on the disappearance of Michelle Parker after television appearance.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-florida-mom-peoples-court-disapearance-family-fiance-blame-15005672","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}