Missing Hiker Found Alive on Oregon's Mt. Hood

Young woman recovers from frostbite, injured ankle after successful rescue efforts.
2:22 | 03/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Hiker Found Alive on Oregon's Mt. Hood
We're going to start here with an incredible survival story, a young hiker alive this morning after being missing for a year. Reporter: Good morning. Her parents are so relieved as you can imagine, their daughter's an experienced but a daring hiker. She's in the hospital recovering. She hurt her ankle, frostbite but she's going to be fine. She wants to thank the srch and rescue people out there looking for her. Repor, HER FAMILY Celebrate easter by giving thanks when they learned their 23-year-old daughter, missing for a full week on oregon's mt. The college season e-mailed a friend sunday said that she was headed to. Michele: Hood to like. When she didn't return, aer is of of we were just trying to give any informatiothat we could to help find her. We just so glad that she's found and alive. Reporter: Mary said during her like, sudden whiteout conditions made her disoriented. Shen she slipped and injured her ankle. Unable to walk, she only had a poncho for warmth. By wednesday, she was out of food. We were concerned about the amount of time that she was out there. Reporter: Aer the fieing ordeal until saturday. When an oregon national guard helicopter crew found her at 3600 feet. Loved ones credit more than her outdoor skills to save her. We feel it's a miraculous event. Reporter: A few rules of thumb that she didn't follow, bring a working cell phone device especially if you're alone. Authorities only allowed trained officials on the search team because of the serious risk of avalanche in the area that she was like zblg great to see her parents so relieved. Thank you. Let's check back in with abc's rob nelson in for ron, for

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{"id":18849071,"title":"Missing Hiker Found Alive on Oregon's Mt. Hood","duration":"2:22","description":"Young woman recovers from frostbite, injured ankle after successful rescue efforts.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-hiker-found-alive-oregons-mt-hood-18849071","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}