Was Kansas Student Abducted?

Nancy Grace discusses the mysterious disappearance of Aisha Khan.
3:38 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Was Kansas Student Abducted?
Would Nancy Grace the host of Nancy Grace on HL and and then she distance -- history when even the police. -- conflict did they are there so they're looking at as a missing persons case but they sure seem to be putting the resources for an abduction. Well George that's very Carmen is called a parallel investigation and they would be. Derelict in their duty if they were not doing that. It's never. Good thing for parents to hear they're also investigating a homicide. But you have to there there's so many disturbing elements here. Number one this is -- University of Kansas Edwards campus is a satellite like a junior college there were only about 2000 students there. This was during final exams so you would not have professors if you look at. That -- bit her she was sitting remembers forty degrees outside government study why she's sitting outside -- she -- -- -- there's no evidence of that. Why would she be sitting at forty degree weather studying. But it's almost silk squad building. No one saw anything have those windows but remember no regular classes the faculty probably wasn't all there. Here's the deal of sorts either. We don't have the facts. Or police are not searching in the right place because if this was a homeless. Drunk person. Do you imagine that the construction workers are rampant did not see him dragging her physically away and there weren't that many women wearing a his job. That's ratings usually we may not have the facts here in new no one shows up on the security tapes as you said is what I did -- types hello how. Not gotten more in my apartment and they do in this whole twice but but at the same time you know she says that when she's talking your system -- She's saying no wonder if this is so scary but her voice is kind of -- -- -- that your voice talents now. Now I'm asking a question high chance that she -- a lot of people think that she sounded calm there I agree but I can't -- -- I am concerned why -- -- -- campus security why did she go back to the area. If Amanda at a cost that -- I would not right back out there but maybe she thought it was gone she wanted to go to your purse. -- we don't have the facts but if you look at the set up. Where she was sitting. It's south suburban area. Source Hewitt had to drag her forcibly all the way up to what bush is or a car if it's a car that he's no longer really homeless and we -- have the facts. A lot of emphasis has been placed on an arranged -- marriage. I don't know that I wanna drag the husband -- to this right now although that's very not normally start what do you think happened here. Well it would be an elaborate ruse on her part at all of this was staged. But I think you've got to alternatives either she is dead and in that very small area. Or. She was not telling the truth that is -- -- two alternatives for relief let's talk about Taylor Reynolds that missing -- mainly been following to say about it George. -- saw her father come out last night I saw her father give a written statement to somebody else to raid. Yes that's what I heard. -- -- I'm concerned I don't see the mother or the father pounding the pavement -- -- public employees but I know this she was put to -- Around 8 PM at around 9:8 -- bag clues. She's gone George. There were two infants in that run and how can they -- -- -- twelve hours with nobody noticing what was gone I've got a problem with -- a big problem. Game will be following this woman's uterus.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Nancy Grace discusses the mysterious disappearance of Aisha Khan.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15204208","title":"Was Kansas Student Abducted?","url":"/GMA/video/missing-kansas-student-aisha-khan-abduction-15204208"}