Missing Kan. Student: More Questions

The search for Aisha Khan has turned up little new information.
2:42 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Missing Kan. Student: More Questions
-- college student from Kansas please continue to search for Asia conscious disparate and said Friday. After leaving voice -- describing a confrontation with a drunk man on campus Nancy Grace here to talk about a the first ABC's entry canning has the latest details. And -- this mystery is only deepening. Some 65 police officers along with the FBI agents have logged more than 400 man hours already in the search for -- -- But investigators still have more questions than answers this morning little more is known it then what's revealed in that eerie voice message. In his first sit down interview since his wife -- -- -- vanished five days ago. We're seeing -- tells ABC news he's hopeful he will soon be reunited with his bride of just five months I shot. If you -- this thing this. We love you Milan and good doing good doing everything. To -- -- bagged home Stephanie. Veteran and. Police tell ABC news they are treating the case as an abduction looking for any motive why someone -- taken the nineteen year old. The community college student disappeared Friday after leaving this disturbing voice mail message on her sister's phone. It hotbed like how it got ever got -- did it but I can't -- -- I -- big outlet now. On the message Khan says an intoxicated man confronted her -- she was studying. When -- didn't answer their calls for sister and cousin went looking for her they found her backpack and phone on a picnic table that she was nowhere to be found. Something happen either somebody lured her away or she ran away on her -- investigators say they are now searching for clues in concert personal life. Even asking the family devout Muslims if her marriage to was seen it was a ranged against her will. She would not turn away she was happy with her life slit her new marriage there wouldn't -- any reason that she would want -- -- -- -- husband believes someone is holding her. My message to -- it never is. Led Tug will. You have the ball into that her little. In. I would completely forgive you if who have -- have. Her mother's only concern -- safe return. I'm just hoping that the bad -- -- won't soon -- and the food grains. Should be read my little more -- that's true. But for now all her family house to hold -- is that last voice mail message I. Got -- Khan's family gathered Tuesday at a local hotel to discuss their next move they've offered a 101000 dollar reward for information. Prayers and support have been flooding in from all corners but it is essentially really a waiting game for them now George.

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{"id":15204202,"title":"Missing Kan. Student: More Questions","duration":"2:42","description":"The search for Aisha Khan has turned up little new information.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-kansas-student-questions-15204202","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}