Missing Toddler Ayla's Mother Speaks Out

Former special agent Brad Garret discusses custody revelations in case.
2:16 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for Missing Toddler Ayla's Mother Speaks Out
We're gonna bring an ABC news consultant a former special agent for the FBI Brad Garrett. On this murky custody. What a child goes missing you look at the parents first absolutely. And -- leading cause of death for children under five is at the hands of their parents I'm not suggesting either one of these parents did anything. But the real key is to understand their relationship. The custody issue and the circumstances around a little -- in the last 24 to 48 hours where -- she. She ran another baby -- a new baby -- They take are simply say -- normally not taken there was or somebody that was attracted to her made a comment to -- a park they didn't think anything about. But -- the real key is a drawing that circle around the parents and seen if there's some motivation here. For one of them to move the child. May be harmed the child hopefully not. That's going to be the real key factor because I just don't buy that this twenty month old walked out of -- house. It's. Five degrees ten degrees if she's not been found. He does not gonna get very far and -- -- in weather like that now. I have worked missing kids cases for the child has crawled to another look at and they crawled into a crawl space again you find them in -- Both will be short -- exactly -- -- -- is I don't I just don't think that works in this case but we also hurt him with his report right at the end that she apparently broke her arm of news and a soft cast. -- -- How does that factor at all it if at all then what are the circumstances around how our arms broken and other words you do want to look at the both physical and emotional abuse of children. When you're looking for them because how does that play into who -- around them I would want to know all the circumstances. As to what happened in reference to her being broken and it's they're able to clear the parents are saying then -- just broaden the circle right but you also do the immediate family. The -- Korean parents. Anybody that has regular contact with that child -- daycare folks. It's Republicans in the house and wants as a child all of those people you're gonna need to check out because the -- is. Elimination or not Brent thank you very much hope that -- that a. A break in this case that they need desperately soon.

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{"id":15187306,"title":"Missing Toddler Ayla's Mother Speaks Out","duration":"2:16","description":"Former special agent Brad Garret discusses custody revelations in case.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-maine-toddler-aylas-reynolds-mother-speaks-15187306","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}