Missing Maine Yacht School Student's Clothes Found

Two friends disappeared mysteriously near Kennebunkport.
1:44 | 12/26/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Maine Yacht School Student's Clothes Found
-- search now. For clues in the mysterious disappearance of two we've got school students on the coast of Maine nearly a week now. After they vanished ABC's John Mueller is here with the very latest this morning good morning to you John. Good morning Josh clothing belonging to the two missing boat building students has been found on an island near Kennebunkport. Beyond that their disappearance and whereabouts remain a mystery that grows grimmer by the hour. Police are calling a one of the strangest cases they've ever seen two friends disappearing in the dead of night 41 year old Zachary wells and 23 year old -- Scott -- -- -- students in yacht design school there is some indication that there war. Quoting -- an ominous sign police did find clothes they believe may belong to wells and right on the rocks of goat island your Kennebunkport. Their chances of survival fading with each passing time. We're dealing -- tides now low tide which is said making access a problem with the tide coming in mobile to have more votes in. -- bring in our air -- for access for canine handlers as well. They were last seen late Wednesday night at a party at this moment can among port Maine where wells was living both of the men had reportedly been drinking and may have ventured into the water. We are here specifically searched the offshore islands off -- corpus. And we have been doing that for the last several days wells and right were expected back in their home states for the holidays instead their families worried sick came to Maine to help in the search which can keep -- it. And hopefully we'll have some luck here soon. Now police have not been specific about the clothing they have found but they say wells and right we're not dress properly for the temperatures and those high winds low flying aerial searches will continue this morning. A real mystery.

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{"id":18065936,"title":"Missing Maine Yacht School Student's Clothes Found","duration":"1:44","description":"Two friends disappeared mysteriously near Kennebunkport.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-maine-yacht-school-students-clothes-found-18065936","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}