New Eyewitness Claims in Flight Investigation

Tuna fisherman on the Malaysian coast says he saw a jet flying low over the ocean.
3:00 | 03/18/14

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Transcript for New Eyewitness Claims in Flight Investigation
We turn to the startling eyewitness accounts from a tiny Malaysian village. ABC's bob woodruff traveled to this area where fishermen reported a jumbo jet was low and loud overhead. He joins us from there right now. Good morning, bob. Reporter: Good morning, George. This is kota bharu in the northeast tip of Malaysia close to where the plane passed over in the middle of the night ten days ago. No witnesses reported so far on this story but I got here and I met two. On the night when flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur, aid Abraham and seven others set out to go tuna fishing when he looked up watching a jet flying low louder and bigger than any plane he had ever seen in the sky. 5,000 feet. The fishermen's location off the coast of kota bharu falls in the path the plane could have taken after that left turn as it headed back over Malaysia. It had dived lower to purposely avoid detection known as plane masking. Was it 1:30 in the morning? We met one other fisherman on that boat. He says they were just east of Thailand between Malaysia and Vietnam where they witnessed it, came home, heard the news about the disappearance then reported it that morning here to the local police. This town will always be connected to this mysterious flight. The fishermen say they saw it and the grandmother of co-pilot fariq Hamid lives here where fariq grew up. He even happened to walk by this kindergarten school where the kids were drawing these pictures praying for the people on Malaysian flight 370 and hoping they will come back. Back in the U.S., the brother of Finn wood, the American passenger on board is hoping the same. We're hoping for the best. We're hoping for a good outcome. We're hoping for a wonderful reunion. Reporter: As for the local people here today not only the kids and, of course, the Americans at home, they too said this is not, not a crash of the plane. This was actually a hijacking. Maybe it's just something coming out of their heart but they truly believe that is the case. George? Okay, bob woodruff. Thanks very much. Our aviation consultant Steve began yard. These eyewitness reports interest this small village and the idea that the pilots might have been doing these kind of evasive maneuvers known at terrain masking. George, it's highly unlikely for two reasons. These fishermen were listening to them saying they're between Malaysia and Vietnam so would have been on the original part of that path. At the rain masking in a 777 is unheard of. You don't want to be flowing low to the ground at night. You don't have night vision goggles or radar but most importantly eyewitnesses' remarks from a mishap are rarely helpful. People respect trained to know what they see. They want to see things so we usually discount what we hear from witnesses. What we are seeing is the focus on that search zone off the coast of Australia, even extending all the way down close to antarctica and the Australians now taking charge of this search. Yeah, this is extraordinary because the Australians are telling us, look, 1500 miles southwest of Perth. On your way to antarctica at that point. The good news, we have the Australians with the ntsb now in charge of this investigation. We've seen a lot of inconsistency out of the Malaysian authorities all week. Their statements haven't matched up but now we have the real pros on the scene and really we go back, we are now at day one in this investigation because we have people who know how to do this but, George, 1500 miles south on the way to antarctica, I don't know how we'll get an oesh graphic ship out there even if we find wreckage. Lots of criticism as you pointed out and the suggestion they deliberately engaged in disinformation? Well, you know, that's a serious charge but at this point I wouldn't doubt it. They have been so inconsistent and told us things we have known not to be true. Something -- somebody needs to be held to account here. Either they're terribly incapable of running an investigation or they're hiding something but it's one of the two. Okay, Stephen ganyard, thanks very much.

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{"id":22953993,"title":"New Eyewitness Claims in Flight Investigation","duration":"3:00","description":"Tuna fisherman on the Malaysian coast says he saw a jet flying low over the ocean.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-malaysian-plane-eyewitness-claims-flight-370-investigation-22953993","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}