Malaysian Plane Investigators 'Looking at Every Angle'

Malaysian Authorities are looking into passengers who boarded the missing jet with stolen passports.
3:00 | 03/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Malaysian Plane Investigators 'Looking at Every Angle'
This mystery over Malaysia flight 370. No solid clues right now. We just lurnd that tests now show that the oil slick on the water is actually not, not from the vanished plane. First speculation that it could be. That is not the case. Here's what we do know. No debris found. 40 ships, 34 planes still searching right now. Investigators looking into at least four people on the flight. Search and rescue continues right now. Let's get to the latest on the massive investigation. Officials poring over images of all the passengers. Our entire team working through the night. Pea square Thomas starts us off. Good morning, Pierre. Reporter: Good morning, George. Three days and counting and no sign of the plane. Malaysian authorities say they can't rule out anything, everyone a hijacking. Talk about people hijacked. And this is not -- we are looking at every angle. Reporter: This morning, an urgent investigation is under way to identify two imposters that boarded that plane. This is the real Luigi, happy to be alive and not aboard the infamous flight 370. His passport, along with another's were stolen in Thailand months ago. This morning, an urgent investigation is under way to identify the people that boarded the flight using those passports. Surveillance video can be used. I can confirm we have visuals on them. I can con official that the two individuals concerned and the details have been forwarded to the intelligence agencies. Reporter: The FBI and other U.S. Intelligence agencies are hoping to get that video and compare it to images of known terrorists and criminals from around the world. It will be a matter of time. They'll probably identify them. Reporter: The two one-way tickets appear to have been bought at the same time in a travel agency in pattaya. Malaysian authorities could not answer why the men were able to board the flight using stolen passports. Interpol keeps records of stolen passports, they said they were not contacted by Malaysian authorities. Why should countries wait for a tragedy? Last year alone, paejs around the world boarded planes more than a billion times without having their passports screened against interpol databases. Sources say without the blacks boxes or debris, it's impossible to know what happened. The stolen passports could be tied to drug-run and unrelated to the plane's disappearance. Is this an act of terrorism? Brian Ross with more on this.

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{"id":22846208,"title":"Malaysian Plane Investigators 'Looking at Every Angle'","duration":"3:00","description":"Malaysian Authorities are looking into passengers who boarded the missing jet with stolen passports.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-malaysian-plane-investigators-angle-22846208","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}