Mont. Teacher: Mug Shots Released

Police release images of the men they believe kidnapped Sherry Arnold.
1:37 | 01/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mont. Teacher: Mug Shots Released
Police have launched an all out search to find where Jerry Arnold's body could be buried in BC's -- -- -- has the story. They may not know where Sherri Arnold is do we have reason to believe -- Norwood is deceased. However her body has not been recovered. But this morning investigators say they know a lot more about the two men they believed kidnapped -- both have had run ins with police. The first suspect 47 year old Lester -- waters junior served prison time in Florida and has felony convictions for gun and vehicle crimes. Records show he has twelve aliases. Michael -- spell is 22 he's been arrested before on charges including drug possession and unwanted sexual contact those charges were later dropped. Both men are from the same small town of parachute Colorado but police haven't said how they know each other. ABC news has learned that investigators believe they may have driven through the popular high school teacher's hometown on their way to North Dakota. Hoping to find jobs in the booming oil industry. We have reason to believe -- she may be buried in an area. The kit contains treason or maybe -- church are overwrought. Now police and property owners are searching vast stretches of Montana and North Dakota terrain for any signs of Arnold hoping to bring her home. Right now are part of the motion. Is to own. Get ms. Arnold about her family and -- focus right now. For Good Morning America Clayton -- ABC news Denver.

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{"id":15376676,"title":"Mont. Teacher: Mug Shots Released","duration":"1:37","description":"Police release images of the men they believe kidnapped Sherry Arnold.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-montana-teacher-mug-shots-released-15376676","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}