Missing Montana Teacher: Police Find Shoe

Police find evidence, interview last person believed to see Sherry Arnold alive.
2:40 | 01/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Montana Teacher: Police Find Shoe
-- the latest on the missing Montana teacher who seems to have vanished into thin air authorities are working around the clock to find the mother of three who disappeared while she was jogging. ABC's Clayton -- -- joins us from Sidney Montana with the latest on this investigation good morning claim. Good morning to you -- and -- has been. Four days since Sherri Arnold went missing and still there's been no sign of this popular high school math teacher. So please don't today that they will be scaling back the search and we are not far from Canada here and some people here even speculating that. Perhaps he was kidnapped and even taken across the border into Canada. FBI agents and police are desperate for a break. Overnight they interviewed this man -- little he believes he may be one of the last people to see Sherri Arnold when she jogged -- his car Saturday morning. Pretty sure that it is Sharon. I'm not a 100% sure but I have a strong -- in my then. Even -- helpful tips like -- are trickling in police say they don't have much to go on. Today they're calling off the massive searches of the last few days. I'm going to be optimistic we're gonna -- -- I want us to find -- the 43 year old math teacher vanished early Saturday morning she went for a jog and never came home. Since then so many volunteers showed up at school buses were needed to move them. Searchers scoured countless square miles of terrain but so far they found only one clue one of her running shoes. I had overnight hundreds of -- -- friends and neighbors have to family church to pray. Her husband Gary says it feels like his wife has been missing for an eternity. Instance -- it's -- nightmare. Questions where -- -- -- through years from the American love and support. -- grew up here -- cancer survivor and scrabble lover who just last week traded the board game to take up words with friends online. Her kids Jason and holly say she's the math teacher all the kids hope they get. Everybody loves her at school. Everybody -- -- -- -- manners you lover her own legs tell your mom is my favorite teacher. We are about a hundred miles from the Canadian border and -- -- was kidnapped and taken there. That would make this a federal case and not -- FBI is here assisting local police now investigators are also up against the weather we -- some -- -- blow through here overnight. Fresh snow on the ground -- departed to search for evidence it does not help -- -- but Robin nobody here is willing to give up yet no indeed not Clayton thank you.

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{"id":15337699,"title":"Missing Montana Teacher: Police Find Shoe","duration":"2:40","description":"Police find evidence, interview last person believed to see Sherry Arnold alive.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-montana-teacher-police-find-shoe-15337699","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}