Missing Montana Teacher: Was She Abducted?

Brad Garret discusses significance of finding lone shoe of Sherry Arnold.
2:21 | 01/11/12

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Transcript for Missing Montana Teacher: Was She Abducted?
Joining us now live from Washington as ABC news consultant and former FBI special agent. Brad Garrett and Brad based upon what you have heard so far do you believe this was an abduction. I still think it's hard to tell Robin and being one of the things you look at obviously first. Are -- circumstances. Around -- and other words Stanley members' children husband. Relatives friends to see if there's anything that possibly could lead to why she left -- that someone wanted to -- If -- eliminated that he really down to three scenarios. One she's just wrong place wrong time somebody abducted -- -- and -- isn't something horrible to -- two -- hopefully not. The other was that she was targeted because of some reason -- other words someone -- And the third outside chance is it could be a hit and run another -- that somebody hitter as she was jogging along the red panic picture up and moved -- I don't know but this is gonna fall generally into one -- -- three categories and the latter one could be because you. The -- -- issue. That they found from her makes you think it could be the latter of those scenarios. I think it's a possibility and perhaps. In analyzing the issue and particularly analyzing the road around whether she was found. Might -- that the police further leads but. They're not talking about that so I I don't know but I think it is something you'd have to look at the so where does investigation go from here Brad. Well the real PR. People like the gentleman you just tap on that may have seen her that morning. Very difficult to abduct people offer road. Just because of traffic so you're going to look at you don't put out a public service announcement saying who was on the Schroeder who regularly travels this road. Tell us what you -- that morning. The other key is going to. Were there any surveillance cameras around the area of my guess is the answer that is going to be no that this this case probably is gonna get solved. On a tip from somebody or somebody coming forward -- -- a piece of that bit of information. That -- lead the police toward a particular vehicle. Or an individual. As you well -- Robin if this is a stranger on stranger case admit does make it more difficult to solve certain Lance Clayton said they're scaling back the investigation -- -- -- also said they are not going to give up. Brad thank you very much for your insight.

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{"id":15337786,"title":"Missing Montana Teacher: Was She Abducted?","duration":"2:21","description":"Brad Garret discusses significance of finding lone shoe of Sherry Arnold.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-montana-teacher-sherry-arnold-abducted-15337786","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}