Missing 'People's Court' Mom: Suspect Begs for Cash

Yunji De Neis reports that the ex-fiance of Michelle Parker is looking for money
1:51 | 12/12/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing 'People's Court' Mom: Suspect Begs for Cash
Latest on missing mom Michelle Parker almost a month after she vanished following a -- appearance on People's Court -- former fiance. A fund raiser was held to benefit the couple's two children they are still with their father and -- ABC -- -- -- reports he's now looking for money to. Investigators. Dove deep hunting for any sign of missing mom Michelle Parker in the canals behind a home. Owned by her ex fiancee his father came out back and solve a problem that -- dive team and there's only one reason they could be out here. Divers already found one crucial clue Parker cell phone in another body of water under a bridge just five minutes from deal Smith's home. That kind of nuclear site your -- -- person reports. Suspect that I was able to jump in the water table -- long enough to find it. The 33 year old disappeared on November 17. The same day she and her ex fiance dale Smith were shown fighting bitterly on the People's Court but he gets pretty malicious. Written everything about the police say Smith is the prime suspect to have -- milk or bread. Over the weekend her family held a fund raiser outside the bar where she worked not include searching to find -- I'm -- tell you this from day. -- you anywhere in that area on Thursday at the same time Smith this trying to solicit money of his own. A FaceBook page for friends and supporters reads. Daley is raising his two kids by himself. Deal isn't receiving any help from any of the fund raisers that have been done. Things are getting tight the goal is 5000 dollars but was only a few hundred raised. His fundraising campaign appears to have all long way to go. For Good Morning America against Udinese ABC news Atlanta.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"Yunji De Neis reports that the ex-fiance of Michelle Parker is looking for money","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15136695","title":"Missing 'People's Court' Mom: Suspect Begs for Cash","url":"/GMA/video/missing-peoples-court-mom-michelle-parker-suspect-begs-cash-15136695"}