Teen Hikers Lost for Days Were on First Date

Nick Cendoya says he feels a "distinguished bond" with date who also survived in a California canyon.
2:47 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for Teen Hikers Lost for Days Were on First Date
First right to the laits on those two teenaged hikers rescued after their harrowing ordeal. Lost for days in a california canyon. One is speaking out for the first time, describing the harrowing days he spent in and out oaf consciousness. David wright has the story. Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. This is a survival story. Two orange county teenagers on their first date that became a near-death experience. 19-year-old nicholas cendoya said he never gave up hope that he and 18-year-old kill dyndall jack would be rescued. I knew I need this to become the person I'm supposed to be. Reporter: They set off easter sunday for a get-to-know-you hike in trabuco canyon. We saw the mountain, started climbing it, we kept climbing it. Reporter: They wanted to touch the clouds. They misjudged how long it would take. They climbed for six hours before reaching the top. I realized weaver up there, pitch black, we're out of water. I'm like, dehydrated. We were like, water break. We opened her bag, there was no water left. Reporter: They called 911. Their cell phone batteries died before they could track the signal. They started to panic. I fell. I don't know if kyndall took a fall. All I wanted was what person I ate plants. Anything I could do to survive. Reporter: He says it all felt like a lucid dream. I was seeing tigers. I thought tigers were talk stalking me. I had a stick sharpened. Reporter: Hirks found him on wednesday, shirtless and shoeless, clinging to bedrock and disoriented. Apparently, he thought he was in newport beach at some point. I wanted to see kyndall and know she's okay. Reporter: The next day, she was rescued from a rocky ledge no bigger tan a yoga mat. A first date they'll never forget. I didn't create a friendship with her. This created a distinguished bond. Reporter: She said she's posted message to her facebook page calling him her hero. He was worried because he faced criticism for leaving her there this the canyon. She's been treated at another area hospital. No plans yet for a second date, george. Thank you, davi

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{"id":18904842,"title":"Teen Hikers Lost for Days Were on First Date","duration":"2:47","description":"Nick Cendoya says he feels a \"distinguished bond\" with date who also survived in a California canyon.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-teen-hikers-nick-cendoya-kyndall-jack-date-18904842","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}