Missing Toddler Ayla: $30,000 Reward Announced

A community bands together to offer the biggest reward in Maine's history.
2:39 | 12/27/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Toddler Ayla: $30,000 Reward Announced
New information in the search for missing -- toddler in the Reynolds police now say they are certain. The twenty month old was taken from her home as a stunned community there -- rain bands together to offer the biggest reward in the State's history. In clamoring for missing it was return -- BC's be comical intrigue joints. -- -- -- search has intensified a local attorney along with businesses and individuals are putting up 30000 dollars to help bring a look back home safely. It's the largest award ever and a missing persons case in Maine's history. Christmas came and -- and still no sign of twenty month old a -- Reynolds. Police said in a press conference Monday that they remain focused on finding her. We are confident. It. Did not walk -- -- pulse fire so we believe that someone -- in vault. And taking her out of the house. Police have been searching the Waterville Maine area since it was father Justin DiPietro reported her missing on December 17. The police at least -- have narrowed it down to they believed to someone actually physically took this child. From her residence. According to DiPietro she was last seen when he -- to bed on December 16 in his home. It was mother had concerns about her safety and had recently filed paperwork for full custody of the toddler. I -- afternoon what is that faith. One of these food problems that -- You know her at a Chinese like to go down on the -- it could be from that and I just I believe that I. GPA -- said in a statement last week I have no idea what happens a lot or who is responsible. I will not make accusations or insinuations towards anyone and -- police have been able to prove who's responsible. The community of water bill is banding together for a -- offering a reward. The largest ever for a missing persons case in Maine we asked for her safe return. And we operate 30000 dollar reward. To the person or persons providing us with this information. I want -- knows where she is I want her home. I am praying to god that the next president doesn't knocking -- my door is -- Italian. My daughter's safe and she is our right. The police say tips and leads are still coming in in the reward may help even more. Another thing that could help the crime fighting show America's Most Wanted was in Maine over the weekend and that often helps generate some new -- it's been more than a week but they're not giving up hope. -- -- -- and again that that reward 30000 dollars because the State's history.

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{"id":15238457,"title":"Missing Toddler Ayla: $30,000 Reward Announced","duration":"2:39","description":"A community bands together to offer the biggest reward in Maine's history.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-toddler-ayla-30000-reward-announced-15238457","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}