Missing Toddler's Father Convinced He Will Return

The father of a missing Washington 2-year-old talks to George Stephanopoulos.
4:14 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Missing Toddler's Father Convinced He Will Return
Joining us now our skies father solid metal -- and his attorney clay Terry thank you both for joining us this morning as a -- while I know this is probably in the hardest week. Of your life but it must be hardening to have all those members of the community out there helping -- with the search. -- I'm very blessed that live in. In Washington where people -- very nice and way. Very grateful to help me what do you think your -- -- -- No idea sir I didn't know knowing -- But you do believe that your wife. Either knows or had something to do -- this. I -- believe that my son is coming back home. That's what I believe. What do you think happened. I don't know what happened I knew. -- wouldn't be here. But as you know the -- Are. Don't believe. Your -- story about what happened that day that she ran against the when she left in the car and came back he disappeared do you believe her story. I'm not -- I don't believe. He ended there is -- is there's something else. She needs to say. -- to hope. And and I'm him I'm praying that she -- She's watching right now what do you wanna -- to her I know you haven't spoken to work since your -- disappearance. I would tell Julia. -- if you know anything about the skies. Disappearance. Please come and come authorities. So they couldn't find him and so they can find him. So you don't believe her story you're convinced that your son he's coming back and we all share that hope. You must believe that your wife has some knowledge. That she's not share. -- -- -- The last -- months. So. I believe that she does know something. You're in -- custody battle with your wife over sky and your daughter do you think that his disappearance is connected. To this custody battle. And your wife is trying to keep him from you. Salomon Sally -- -- yes. So you believe she knows where he where he is. And has something to do it this. Yes. Did you also spoke to your for your Friday of a four year old daughter was your wife -- well have you been able to talk to her about what happened. To your son knows that it's not an almost had. Most of. Is there anything else that you can do to convince your wife. To tell everyone everything she knows. About sky about where he is about what happened to him. -- not. Give it to police things. It would hope and hope. If I talked to weren't. I would -- they tell me to. But she wanted to bring your son back. Yes -- It's been a -- thank you very much for your time this morning.

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{"id":14947158,"title":"Missing Toddler's Father Convinced He Will Return","duration":"4:14","description":"The father of a missing Washington 2-year-old talks to George Stephanopoulos.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-toddlers-father-convinced-return-14947158","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}