Missing Wash. Toddler: Mom Under Suspicion

Julia Biryukova claims she ran out of gas and left son, 2, in car alone.
2:35 | 11/10/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Wash. Toddler: Mom Under Suspicion
-- and then missing toddler in Washington State the boy was last seen Sunday morning his mom says he was taken after she left in her car what she went searching for gas. But officials and her estranged husband now think she may be responsible for the boy's disappearance. CBC's Neil -- is covering the story for us from Seattle good morning -- Good morning Jordan I've spent a lot of time talking with investigators on this case and I could tell you they are beyond frustrated they're also. Focusing most of their attempts right now directly on this little boy's mother and a story that they say. Just doesn't make sense. Police have now dissected the mother Julia Kournikova story and they don't like what they found. The story doesn't add up -- whereabouts of sky are unknown. Mother's story is falling apart data day. She told police that she ran out of gas and left two year old -- -- while -- alone in her car while she and her four year old daughter walked for help. But after removing the car's gas tank detectives now say they found plenty of gas still inside. The latest weird twist detectives are looking at comes just -- out of a crime drama. Police say -- more than a little puzzled by an episode of law and order rescue -- which aired one night before skies disappearance. Which some mother's baby -- and she tries to cover it up likely mean he was taken from her car. Yeah. There's more. The mother says guy was so sick she was taking him to the hospital at the time. But she left him in the car anyway. At the gas station she visited police say she didn't buy any gas she walked the -- neighborhood of million dollar homes but apparently. Never ask for help. Detectives also taken note of her FaceBook page filled with pictures of her daughter almost none of little sky. Estranged husband has agreed to to lie detector test Julia has so far refused to take one. The fact that mom is -- willing to come in and and provide a polygraph. To be quite honest that that looks suspicious and and we're puzzled by that we want to believe Julia we want to help her find her missing child. -- we want her cooperation to do that and at this point. The information that she's given us has been problematic and has created more questions than answers. We have reached out to the -- for comment through an attorney she has so far declined and police say they are focusing this case. Directly on those who -- sky best friends and family. They say they do not believe a stranger took this little boy. From the car.

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{"id":14922477,"title":"Missing Wash. Toddler: Mom Under Suspicion","duration":"2:35","description":"Julia Biryukova claims she ran out of gas and left son, 2, in car alone.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-wash-toddler-mom-suspicion-14922477","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}