Mississippi Tornados: State of Emergency

Tornados struck across the south, one hitting Hattiesburg at dinner time.
2:26 | 02/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mississippi Tornados: State of Emergency
morning, the extreme weather slamming the country. Tornadoes slamming the south. A new blizzard developing. Sam is tracking it all. What a weekend. Two blizzards. A round of severe storms. 15 tornadoes reported last night. Pictures out of duluth. Virginia, minnesota. These pictures from duluth, the 16 to 18 inches of snow coming down in the blinding, whiteout conditions. The midwest blizzard. In the southern side, it kicked off all the tornadoes. And hattiesburg. Long, wedge-shaped tornado. Dangerously close to a university there. Steve osunsami is there in hattiesburg this morning. Reporter: Good morning, sam. One tornado warning after another. They just kept come ppg this building at the university of mississippi has stood here for han 100 years. It was destroyed in seconds. Fortunately, no one was inside. Families in south central mississippi were in the middle of sunday's supper. The sky went dark. Then came the sound of terror. A giant tornado screaming through town. I have never heard it like that. It's hugely loud. Reporter: This was the view from a camera right in the tornado's path. Stuff falling out of the sky. Reporter: By the time the tornado hit hattiesburg, residents say it looked amile wide. That is a tornado. Reporter: Lighting up the sky are blown transformer, broken homes, and crumpled cars. Wow, dude! Reporter: This morning, authorities say at least ten tornadoes struck mississippi, and another five tore through parts of alabama, tearing down buildings and sending nearly a dozen people to area hospitals. Here is what's left of one family's home. The cars still parked in what used to be the garage. The rest of the home sliced in half. This is significant damage. Thousands without power right now. Reporter: Overnight, search and rescue teams went looking through the debris, making sure no one was still trapped. Tufrt says it's fortunate that students were away on holiday. There is still state of emergency here. The they're telling any student not already here not to come back until further notice.

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{"id":18463271,"title":"Mississippi Tornados: State of Emergency","duration":"2:26","description":"Tornados struck across the south, one hitting Hattiesburg at dinner time.","url":"/GMA/video/mississippi-tornado-video-state-emergency-declared-south-18463271","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}