Six Reported Tornados Rip Through Midwest

100 mile per hour winds overturned cars, uprooted trees and took out power lines.
2:46 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for Six Reported Tornados Rip Through Midwest
A lot at stake as this begins. Right to the breaking details on those tornadoes overnight. Abc's ginger zee right in the middle of the storm zone. Sam starts us off with the big picture. None of the six reported tornadoes have been confirmed. It will take for meteorologists to get inrom the national weather service to find out. Take a look at the damage. There is a lot of it. Look at this long line of storms. Taken a little time to get the spring storm season started. So much cold air on the map but now with record-breaking temperatures that's the line of storms that kicked up last night. They rocked 11 states, some of the worst slammed into missouri with two reports of tornadoes. Heavy damage in hazelwood 20 miles northwest of st. Louis. 101-mile-an-hour winds overturned cars, whipped trees into homes and downed electrical lines. More than 43,000 people losing power. This picture captures st. Louis' famed arch right at the moment it's hit by lightning. Po mo's governor declared a state of emergency and the airport grounded all flights and sent everyone into tornado shelters. This airport was already under construction after a tornado ripped its roof off two years ago and four other tornadoes were reported in nearby arkansas. In batkinburg, the forces of nature were no match for the church. I saw the storage building in the wood, saw the roof gone and tons of people out here helping. Officials say at least 30 structures damaged and 4 people injured in the storm. As you can see how the tornadoes are in two zones one near st. Louis and one outside little rock where our ginger zee is there in clinton, arkansas, after a night of storm chasing. Wow, that's a lot of damage. Hey, it really is, sam. This is not it. This morning I'm standing in a pile of twisted metal. We have carpet, drywall and in this place, bibles, everywhere, because this was a church. Come with me here and I'll give you an idea. I'll stand up on what was the stage. Half the church there, you can see the big beams of teal twisted and thrown into the field behind me, of course, this tornado was the one that we were storm chasing. You can see the video here, it was just to the north and east wrapping up and affecting many other communities, more than 50 homes in this area were affected and you are seeing me and I'm hearing myself and lifted after this place got hit and fornd four injured and three out of the hospital. Day of cleanup today. What comes behind it is not clean weather. Where those storms are moving, by the way, east, to tallahassee, birmingham, I think you're involved, atlanta, columbia, washington, d.C. And pittsburgh, we'll give you all

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{"id":18930666,"title":"Six Reported Tornados Rip Through Midwest","duration":"2:46","description":"100 mile per hour winds overturned cars, uprooted trees and took out power lines.","url":"/GMA/video/missouri-arkansas-tornado-video-reported-twisters-rip-midwest-18930666","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}