Mistress Testifies in Murder-for-Hire Trial

Prominent Texas attorney is suspected of hiring hit man to kill his wife.
2:43 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Mistress Testifies in Murder-for-Hire Trial
-- that tangled murder for hire case out of Houston. A hit man is on trial a prominent attorney and his mistress are suspected of paying him the attorney's wife was the target shot at point blank range. But in -- twit she is now standing by her husband. ABC's Ryan -- joins us from Houston with more good morning -- Good morning to you George if this script -- for a movie of the week. No one would believe that script the case unfolding in the building behind me has it all a love triangle a trio of hit men. And a marriage that somehow survived it all. The Houston socialite left -- hand in hand with the husband prosecutors say tried to have her killed. Three time. Still love my husband. I believe in him wholeheartedly. But his innocence. On the stand -- -- stern tearfully told the jury how alleged hit man Damien Flores walked up to -- Cadillac SUV. And shot her at point blank range. The bullet pierced her purse then her stomach that attempt on our life happened in May of last year. A month before that another man shot at her through the front door of her mansion. He messed. And two months before that yet another gunman drove by her house and sprayed it -- bullets she wasn't home. Prosecutors say wealthy Houston attorney Jeff stern and his mistress Michelle -- We're behind all three murder attempts and that the -- offered to pay 101000 dollars to a series of hit men. Who just couldn't get the job done -- We don't -- me Damien Flores his attorney says they've arrested the wrong man that -- and originally I. But prosecutors say the mistress will take the stand to point the finger at Flores. You will hear from. -- map on the witness stand. That she in fact -- hire -- Flores to killing all star. -- bond stern who is now standing by her man is casting the mistress in this twisted plot. As a scorned woman who masterminded the murderous plans. He had nothing to do with this could not do anything witness. We are victims of a fatal attraction. The mistress is expected on the stand as soon as later today she has agreed. To a plea deal in exchange for her testimony she is also expected to testify at the husband's trial the trial for former lover. That is expected to happen in February George he has pleaded not guilty and this is one movie of the week. With plenty of sequels sure are still far from over K right thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"Prominent Texas attorney is suspected of hiring hit man to kill his wife.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14856665","title":"Mistress Testifies in Murder-for-Hire Trial","url":"/GMA/video/mistress-testifies-murder-hire-trial-14856665"}