Romney's $10,000 Bet: Fallout From the Debate

Jake Tapper reports on aftermath from ABC News' Iowa debate.
2:42 | 12/12/11

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Transcript for Romney's $10,000 Bet: Fallout From the Debate
Return out of politics your voice your vote. Coming up are ABC debate in Iowa new poll show that Newt Gingrich has built a big -- not only in Iowa but also the key early states of Florida and South Carolina. And the firm's the only candidate not talking about what could be the most memorable moment of the debate Mitt -- 101000 dollar -- -- -- -- -- and tomorrow with more on the fallout for Ronnie good morning -- Good morning George -- Democrats Republicans and even some Romney's supporters say that that joking 101000 dollar -- was a roll of the dice that came up. Snake guides at 101000 bucks. 101000 dollar -- The notion that its attempt to wager 101000. Dollars with Rick Perry was. Not the best idea he ever had was first shared with Mitt Romney by his wife. Actually after -- -- was over and Cuba and did you just as I was raised. And she -- a lot of -- -- you biodiesel. K12 hours after the -- -- Rick Perry finally thought. I'm pretty sure I didn't drive by -- house that anyone. In Iowa would even think about that a 101000 dollar bet is possible so. A little out of touch with the normal Iowa. Citizen though wager heard round the world began with Perry miss quoting Romney on health care that I read your first book. And it said in there that your mandate. In Massachusetts. Which should be the model for the country you know what you've -- that before Rick and you're -- talking about a -- 101000 bucks. 101000 dollar -- Twitter -- loaded with stark. Only thing worse for Romney there would have been if he -- at 101000 dollar bill from his pocket. Read one week after all 101000 dollars is more than two months income for the average Iowa -- -- It's threatening the -- -- it was a little bit out of touch me meanwhile Newt Gingrich is all in agree doubling down on his comments calling the Howard. -- institute and invented people. It's fundamentally a good time for summit of the -- -- -- and not lying about the Middle East we're gonna tell the truth. We're not gonna -- incendiary words. Into a 88 place which is a boiling pots and Gingrich's comments have now been condemned by an official from the Arab League is when conservatives have called them -- -- -- It was a needlessly provocative way to put it and he forgets the fact that it's -- -- -- we're in a delicate diplomacy with Israel and the Palestinians -- this is a way to provoke them and suggest that they have no right to any kind of state.

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{"id":15136449,"title":"Romney's $10,000 Bet: Fallout From the Debate","duration":"2:42","description":"Jake Tapper reports on aftermath from ABC News' Iowa debate.","url":"/GMA/video/mit-romneys-10000-bet-fallout-iowa-debate-15136449","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}