Mitt Romney Campaign: Is There Tension Behind the Scenes?

Reports of infighting in the Republican candidate's campaign go public.
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney Campaign: Is There Tension Behind the Scenes?
New reports of growing tensions in mitt romney's campaign. He's had mixed reviews since his speech at the republican national convention in tampa. New details on the pressure to turn things around. "Your voice your vote" 50 days to go now. Abc's david muir joins us with the very latest. 50 days to go, who's counting right? We report here with criticism from fellow republicans asking with an economy this bad, wian earth isn't romney ahead? Many speechwriters involved, many drafts thrown out and something important left out. I accept your nomination for president of the united states! Reporter: Overnight, abc news confirming reports by politico that there were several versions of romney's prime time speech. Several writers asked to help craft it and that the work is largely unused. Stu stevens wrote the version romney delivered. Afghanistan reportedly in one of the earlier drafts left out. Overnight, that add vooizer stu stevens telling me speeches go through a lot of editing. And asked if he would put afghanistan back in the speech if he had a do-over, I don't think it would matter. And with this defining moment in the convention, stevens said it was powerful. Perhaps, one of the biggest hurdles still facing romney is the likability. "Saturday night live" opening sketch. Our campaign has a secret weapon. And that secret weapon is speaking right now in tulsa, oklahoma. Hello, I'm mitt romney. and I understand the hardships facing ordinary americans. For example, this morning, one of my horses failed to medal at the olympics so I know hardships. Reporter: With appearances like this with "live with kelly and michael." What does mitt wear to bed? Really? Really? I didn't write the question, ma'am. I promise, I didn't write the question. Yes, he did. That appears on "live with kelly and michael" tuesday. The president's bounce, they say, is not holding, the daily track has it up by seven points now up by three. Because it has 50 days to go. We've got much more on

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{"id":17251729,"title":"Mitt Romney Campaign: Is There Tension Behind the Scenes?","duration":"3:00","description":"Reports of infighting in the Republican candidate's campaign go public.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-campaign-denies-tension-scenes-17251729","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}